Flash PARCS: Replace the Kiosk Amplifier

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This article shows how to replace an amplifier.


Follow the steps below to remove and replace the amplifier.

Step 1. Gather tools

The tool below is needed.

  • Phillips head screwdriver

Step 2. Open the Kiosk

1. Open the Flash Kiosk with the kiosk key.

2. Turn off the kiosk with the switch on the surge protector at the bottom.

3. Turn off the amplifier with its power switch.

Step 3. Unplug the Amplifier

4. Unplug the 12v power cable.

5. Unplug the red and white RCA cables from the amplifier.

6. Unplug the wire harness from the positive and negative terminals.

1. Press down on the red tab and pull out the wire from the positive terminal.

2. Press down on the black tab and pull out the wire from the negative terminal.

Step 4. Remove the Amplifier

7. On one side of the amplifier, unscrew two of the four Phillips head screws, then loosen the remaining two screws. The amplifier should easily slide out.

8. Remove the old amplifier from the kiosk. Install the new amplifier.

9. With the control knobs facing downward, align the mounting slots of the new amplifier with the two screws that weren’t removed.

Note: The knobs and sound settings are preset in manufacturing, but are easily adjusted. The recommended settings are Volume turned all the way up, Bass all the way down and Treble all the way up.

10. Place the other two screws into the mounting slots and tighten all the screws until they’re snug.

11. Plug in the red and white RCA cables.

12. Plug the wire harness into the positive and negative terminals.

13. Press down the red tab and insert the positive wire (the wire with the white stripe).

14. Press down the black tab and insert the negative wire.

15. Plug in the 12v power cable.

16. Turn on the amplifier.

Step 5. Turn on the Kiosk

17. Turn on the kiosk with the switch on the surge protector. The red light on the surge protector will turn on indicating that the power is on.

18. When properly installed, the amplifier displays a blue light around the control knobs. If the blue light isn’t on, double check that all of the cables are connected.

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