Flash PARCS: Transient Access Codes

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Flash PARCS offers the option for transient parkers to enter the parking facility with an access code, which is linked to a price. Typically this option is used to offer a discounted price to a group of parkers. When the parker enters the PIN at an entry kiosk, the kiosk will provide a barcoded ticket for the parker to take and enter the facility. This barcoded ticket will be scanned at the exit kiosk for departure. 

User Flow

1. The parker receives an access code from the parking operator before arriving at the facility.

2. At the entry kiosk, the parker taps Other Access Options then I have an Access Code.

3. The parker uses the touchscreen keypad to enter the access code.

4. The entry kiosk will print a barcoded ticket and the gate will vend. The parker will NOT enter the PIN again on exit, the parker will use the kiosk-printed barcoded ticket to exit the facility. 

Providing the Access Code is a manual process. Flash does not provide a system to communicate the assigned access code. 

Access Code Set Up 

Access Codes are created in the Flash Admin portal under the Non-Burnable Coupons tab, the Coupons feature must be first enabled by Flash Support to proceed with operator management. 

Preconfigured Price 

The non-burnable coupon must be linked to preconfigured Price. This can be a discounted hourly rate, a full validation rate, or a flat rate. 

More complicated hourly rates are configured by Flash Support, please contact support@flashparking.com for assistance. 

Rates using the built in Discount Type options or Full Validation prices can be configured in the Flash Admin portal by any user with Administration rights, see the Discount Type options  and Full Validation article for set-up instructions. 

Create Access Code

Step 1.

1. Go to https://portal.flashvalet.com and log in to the Admin Portal.

2. Select the Locations tab on the left menu and choose a location.

3. Select the Non-Burnable Coupons tab on the top menu.

4. Click Add New and enter the Coupon Name.

5. Select a price in the drop-down menu. 

6. (Optional) Set a Valid From and To date/time to limit the validity of this Access Code.

7. Input the four or five digital numeric code. This is the assigned Access Code used at the kiosk.

8. (Optional) If the coupon should only be used at entry a set number of times enter the numbered of allowed times in the Max Uses field.

9. (Optional) If the location is utilizing Logical Zones, the coupon usage can be specified at certain Zones. Leaving all unchecked will allow usage on Logical Zones. 

10. Select Save.

Step 2.

Link the newly created Non-Burnable Coupon (or Access Code) to the PARCS Transient ticket type.

1. After clicking Save, the option to link the coupon to the PARCS Transient ticket will appear. 

2. Check Use Ticket Type next to the PARCS ticket type > Save

If the location is configured with Logical Zones, the Access Code can be limited to only work in certain Logical Zones. 

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