Multipass FAQs

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Q: Will Multipass QR codes be accepted while the Flash kiosks are offline?

A: There are a few scenarios for offline mode but in any case, if the exit kiosk is offline then the driver won’t be able to exit the facility with the multipass QR code.

  • Entry kiosk online - Exit kiosk offline
    Result: The driver will be able to enter the garage but won’t be able to exit with the multipass QR code
  • Entry kiosk offline - Exit kiosk offline
    Result: The driver will be able to enter the garage but won’t be able to exit with the multipass QR code
  • Entry kiosk offline - Exit kiosk online
    Result: The driver will be able to enter and exit the garage with the multipass QR code

Q: Will multipass session amounts be added to my balance report with ParkWhiz (Billback, Price per use)?

A: Multipass sessions have a $0 at the moment as there is no customer purchase flow. The bill back and pay-per-use amounts that are configurable per Multipass are for external reporting between the seller and other 3rd parties that they work with and not between the seller and ParkWhiz.


Q: Could a Multipass QR code be used at the exit, if it wasn’t used to scan into the garage?

A: Yes, Multipass supports scenarios where gates are up to allow a free flow into the garage. Drivers could first scan a valid Multipass QR code at the exit lane and the gate will open.
In the ParkWhiz portal, these sessions will have the same entry and exit date/time as there wasn’t any entry action.


Q: How do I download and share multipass QR codes?

A: Seller page → Multipasses tab → Click on a multipass → Codes tab
You can view and download the generated QR codes from the Codes tab page. There is also an option to create new QR codes for an existing multipass. ParkWhiz at the moment doesn’t support any share options via email, text, social etc, and no bulk download option for all QR codes.

Q: What would happen if I change the total uses or concurrent uses allowed while drivers have already used this specific Multipass?

A: The multipass usage limitations sessions are counted based on entry actions. Once either limit is activated once a QR code will be scanned at entry the system will check how many active tickets are there and if it exceeds the configured limit.

Example: If 10 QR codes were scanned in and while they are in the garage (Active status) the limit is changed for total concurrent uses to 5 then the next customer won’t be able to enter. However, the 10 customers will still be able to exit with their QR code. 


Q: If I pause a Multipass while there are active tickets would that Multipass QR code still work at the exit?

A: Yes, the pause action would only block new entries.

Q: Can I automatically close open tickets after a Multipass is created?

A: Yes, in order to use the auto close feature you’ll need to configure two fields:

    1. Multipass end date

    2. The automatic ticket closing date is after the multipass end date above

Q: What happens if a customer scans out after the Multipass expiration time?

A: If the exit scan occurs after the Multipass end time, then ParkWhiz will send the end date/time to the Flash system and a Late Fee will be calculated and presented at the Exit (if configured on the Flash price).


Q: If my Flash PARCS system is configured to Pre Pay mode, will that affect the Multipass service?

A: Yes, if the PARCS system is in Pre Pay mode (with kiosk version or later) after scanning the Multipass QR code on entry Flash presents a “print receipt” button. The customer shouldn’t print the receipt and later try to scan out with the receipt. For Multipass sessions the cusomter is required to use the QR code, no other barcode would work for multipass sessions.
If a location is configured with prepay mode and the driver is trying to scan out with the receipt the seller should instruct them to scan the multipass QR code otherwise they’ll receive an error on screen at the exit lane.


Q: What happens if I delete a Multipass from my seller account?

A: If you delete a multipass there is no option to restore it therefore it’s recommended to pause a Multipass that you might need in the future instead of deleting it. Any multipass that was deleted could be found under the deactivated tab. How to get there? Seller page → Multipasses tab → Deactivated tab

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