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Pools serve as a capacity management feature, limiting the number of vehicles allowed for a specific group (pool) of monthly or membership accounts at a given location or logical zone concurrently. Once the Pool capacity limit is reached, any additional parkers linked to that pool are denied entry access to the parking facility.

For instance, if Company ABC has 50 employees and each employee is linked to the same Pool, but the tenant agreement stipulates that only 40 parking spaces can be utilized simultaneously, the Pool limit is set to 40. When 40 employees have entered the facility, the 41st parker attempting to enter will be denied access.

This system considers the parking spot availability at the time of entry, without factoring in any time limits. Exiting a parked vehicle will automatically free up one space for another parker within the assigned pool entering the parking facility.

Create a Pool

To create a pool, follow the steps below:

1. Go to https://portal.flashvalet.com and log in to the Admin Portal.

2. On the left menu, click Monthly and choose a location.

3. On the top menu, click Pools > Add New.

4. In the Pool Name field, enter a name for the Pool.

5. In the Pool Limit field, set the capacity limit.

6. Click Save.

Link a Pool to a Monthly Account

To link a pool to a monthly account, follow the steps below:

1. Go to https://portal.flashvalet.com and log in to the Admin Portal.

2. On the left menu, click Monthly, then choose a location.

3. Find the Monthly or Membership Account in the listed accounts, or use the search option at the top. Click the account to open the account settings.

4. In the Pool dropdown, select a Pool.

5. Click Save.

Pool Capacity Per Logical Zone

Pool capacity limits can now be set per Logical Zone. A total pool capacity is entered and then specified limits can be set per Logical Zone.

Example 1: 

A total Pool Limit = 50

LZ A= 10 (up to 10 parkers can parker in LZ A)

If LZ B and C fields are left blank, up to 40 parkers can park in LZ B and C in total

 Example 2: 

A specific number can be set for each Logical Zone totaling up to the overall Pool Limit capacity. 

Resetting Monthly Parkers to Neutral

In order to prevent passback errors a monthly account can be reset to neutral, this will effectively soft close the active parking session, eliminating any risk for duplicate entries.

Note that monthly tickets can only be soft closed if there's an active parking session.

In order to reset a monthly to neutral, go to the monthly blue tab in the admin portal and search for the desired monthly, then select the option to "Reset to Neutral" after the selectable flags.



What happens when a parker that is inside a pool is reset to neutral?

If a parker tries to enter a pool area whose limit has been reached, the new parker won't be granted access to the pool area as the kiosk gate won't be lifted when using any access method.

When a parker inside of a pool is reset to neutral, the parking spot is freed and made available for any other parker within the pool to access the facility, or to the same parker if returning and the spot is still available.

For more information regarding occupancy management, see this section.

Or refer to this page for more information on how to soft close a ticket


  • The Monthly Parking Customer List report contains a "Pool" column, allowing one to check if a monthly parker is assigned a pool. Updates to to parker's pool assignment can also be made.

  • The Garage Status Monthly report will show monthly parkers in the facility in real-time and which pool, if any, parkers are assigned to. This is an option to double-check how many pool-assigned parkers are in the facility at any given moment.

Please note that if a pool-assigned parker has been granted Allow Passback, they could occupy multiple pool spots if they aren't scanning out and have entered multiple times.

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