Flash PARCS: Add New Monthly Accounts

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Monthly Accounts give parkers reusable access credentials which allow them to have in and out parking privileges. The following addresses how to create new accounts and manage monthly account access. Monthly Accounts not being invoiced through a Flash system can be created and managed in the Flash Admin portal. Flash also offers Flash AR and multiple Monthly API options. 

Add Monthly Account

1. Go to https://portal.flashvalet.com and log in to the Admin Portal.

2. Select the Monthly tab on the left menu and select the Location.

3. On the Accounts page, select Add New to create a new Account. 

If searching for an existing account used Search fields under the Accounts, Contacts, or Vehicles tab on the top menu.

4. Select Monthly on the Account type drop-down menu.

5. Enter the Account Name and enter a 1 in the Parks field. The Parks field equals how many vehicles the account holder is allowed to park concurrently in the parking facility.

6. Select Save and more sections will appear for credential entry. See the Monthly Account Setting Descriptions section below for more info. 

Monthly Account Settings Descriptions


Account Field or Setting 

Company/ Department Name

(Optional) for reporting purposes.
External Monthly Fee
Builds external fee report date.
First and Last Name
Parker Name.
Email AddressRequired for legacy Flash Monthly Billing.
Mobile Number

Required for Bluetooth low energy (BLE) access and Interactive voice recognition (IVR).


Affects the status of access credentials. Set to Valid by default. Invalid disables account credentials.

Valid FromSets the account to an Invalid status until the selected date. The account will become Valid on the set date and location's operating window time. 
Valid UntilSets account to become invalid on a future date.
ParksThe number of vehicles allowed to be parked at one time.

Additional Settings
Allow Passback

Allows monthly parker unlimited entries and exits not requiring the standard one entry / one exit sequence.


Profiles consist of day and time restrictions and access zone settings to allow or deny access to certain parking areas. See the Profiles guide for more info.


Monthly Pools are used to limit the number of vehicles in a group (pool) that can access the parking facility concurrently. See Pools guide for more info.

Report Groups

Categorizes monthly accounts into a group with a set capacity limit for reporting purposes only. It does not restrict parking access if the capacity is reached.

Late Fee On KioskRequired for the Pay Fine at Exit with a Monthly Enforcement setup.

Monthly Credential Options

Here are the current monthly access credentials options available for monthly parkers using the Flash PARCS system depending on the system configured for the location. 

Duplicate monthly access credential data is not allowed in the Flash system.


  • Enter the tag # in the RFID Tag field under the Contacts Section.
  • RFID tags or prox cards are compatible with the following kiosks: Full Standard, wall mount, L1, and L3 Mini kiosks. (Not L2 Mini since they do not have a prox card reader.) 
  • RFID tags require the following entry format: [facility code][colon][card ID number] ex: 183:123456

Contact Section (RFID, Mobile/BLE, IVR, PIN Credentials)

Mobile / BLE 

  • Enter the mobile number in the Contact section of the account.
  • BLE access is a default access option now that all Flash kiosks are equipped with a Bluetooth beacon. 
  • The Mobile / BLE option uses the ParkWhiz app and requires a Mobile number and RFID Data to be entered into the account. See the Mobile Credential Setup guide for more info.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

  • Enter the required mobile number under the Contact section.
  • The IVR option is usually used as a backup credential. View the IVR Kiosk Process here. 
  • This is a system default credential option but can be disabled for the location upon request.


  • Create a PIN credential under the Contact section
  • PINs are system-generated to avoid duplicate PINs.
  • The PIN entry option requires the kiosk to have a printer because they will use the printed barcoded ticket to exit the parking facility. It is compatible with the full standard kiosk but not the mini kiosk options. 
  • PINs must be four to five digits.

Cars Section (LPR, AVI, Valet Credentials)

LPR (License Plate Recognition)

  • Add a new vehicle under the Cars section to enter the LP info.
  • Use of the License Plate Recognition - Requires an LPR system to be installed at the location. 
  • Requires License Plate number and state info.
  • No dashes or spaces in the license plate entry.
  • Multiple vehicles can be added to the account but the Parks field controls how many vehicles can park concurrently.
  • A vehicle nickname is required to save info on this page.

AVI (Automatic Vehicle Identification)

  • Enter the required tag number in the RFID Tag field with the vehicle info under the Cars section.
  • Automatic Vehicle Identification – requires an AVI system to be installed at the location. 
  • A vehicle nickname is required to save info on this page.

The Key tag, Decal, and Key Hook fields are valet related. See the Monthly Valet article for more information.  

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