Parkonect: How to Add Special Events via the Garage Rate Calendar

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Do you have a convention or sporting event coming up that you'd like to offer a special rate for? If so, this will help you accomplish your goals.

  1. Your first step is to create a new Garage Rate Sheet specifically for that event. Once that is created then you can add it to your Garage Rate Calendar.
  2. From the left module,  click on Garage Rate Calendar and add your Special Event Info in the Add Rate box and click the "Add" button. You can set recurring or one-off events.


I created a Rate Sheet titled "Bears Game". Since this is a 1-time event I selected "Exception". This means that the special rates for the Bears Game take priority over my default daily rates. For the Day, I selected Sunday since that's the day of the Bears Game. Next, we choose the start and end time. I selected that they'll get the Special Event Pricing from 8 AM to 8 PM, after 8 PM they'll pay default pricing. Click the Add button and it's now on your calendar!

Additional Detail:

The Parkonect hardware uses a calendar function to determine the rate sheet to be used for transactions and different rates sheets can be applied at the top of the hour and 30-minute point.   


The following are the key attributes of how the rate sheet calendar function works: 


1. The rate sheet designated as the “default” will always be used unless a specific rate sheet is applied to the Garage Rate Calendar. 


  • Rate sheets can be applied to the calendar on a default or exception basis.  


  • Use the DEFAULT rate sheet type if you want a specific rate sheet to be used on a recurring day-of-week basis.  For example, if you want a Weekend Rate Sheet to start every Friday at 5 pm, you would use the DEFAULT type. 


Use the EXCEPTION rate sheet type if you want a specific rate sheet to be used on a specific calendar date. This type of setting is generally used for events. For example, if you want an Event Rate Sheet for October 15th at 7 pm, you would use the EXCEPTION type.  


2. To set different rate tables to operate on different days of the week and post special event parking, find your location on the Garages listing and select Garage Rate Calendar from the Modules panel. The rate calendar is organized by week. 

  • Default schedules a rate on the same day of the week, at the same time, every week. 
  • Exception schedules a one-time variation from the default rate table. 


3. You may plan rates in great detail. Each cell on the Garage Rate Calendar represents a one-half hour. 


4. To post the same rate table to different days of the week, select a different day each time. You may post a rate table more than once. For example, you can set a 10 AM - 7 PM event rate on Tuesday one week and Wednesday the next week. Note that the start of a reservation determines rates, so an event rate for a 12 PM football game should be in effect a few hours before and after. 


5.  Click the black “X” to clear a schedule block. 


6.  You do not need to fill every cell with a rate table. Clear cells revert to the default garage rate table. 


7. Use the Previous Week and Next Week buttons to navigate, or click Current Week from any calendar page. 


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