Parkonect: PrePay at Entry

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Prepay at Entry automates events that payment before entering the parking facility. Where the existing fixed event module requires staff to pass out tickets for the parker to scan at the entry lane, this solution is fully automated. Simply schedule the event in the garage rate calendar.




Required Equipment

Requires firmware version K2_3.11.00-2_26-Jan-2021. 

K2 for Gen2 Touchscreen terminals, V1 and V2 for Gen1 terminals.

Set up and Manage in the Cloud

“Event PrePay Mode” must be enabled under modules, also “Parking Cashier” so that the barcode prints on the tickets dispensed in the entry lane. Parker will pay for the pre-defined events times prior to being allowed access in the entry lane, that same ticket will be used to scan out. PrePay events can be scheduled in the garage calendar, per the image below.


Which pages in the system?

Create a rate sheet for the event (please note only the first-rate band will ever be charged, the remaining rate bands are not significant and do not come into play). Please create an overage rate table, this will be for PrePay at Entry.

What’s the difference between default and exception?

A default rate sheet will be applied weekly, on the same day and time each week. An exception is for a one time occurrence on the calendar.

How do I set my end in time after midnight?

Two separate events must be created. So for example, if you want your event Start In Time to be Thursday 5 pm and Event End In Time to be Friday 2 am, with an exit by 5 pm Friday, two events must be created.

  • Event A: start in time Thursday 5 pm, start end time 11:59 pm, out by time 5 pm (next day flag checked).
  • Event B: Start in time Friday 12 am, start end time 2 am, and exit by 5 pm.

Can validations be used on prepay?

Yes, % off validations and $ off validations can be used if the “Allow with Event PrePay Mode” is selected on the Validation Details.

Only works on $ and %?

Correct, only Percent-off and Dollar-off validations can be applied on prepay at entry. Check mark for Prepay mode will be disallowed for rate sheet validations and time off.

How do you change what it looks like on the hardware?

Gen1 v Gen2

Be sure to adjust the “Welcome Entry” section, specifically the “Garage Name Header” under the touch screen messages once you select the lane(s) for Gen2 Terminals.

Where is this done?

What error codes can we expect on the screen?

If someone tries to scan the barcode on the prepaid entry ticket they just purchased:

  • "Barcode Already Check In. No Re-entry Allowed. Please Try Again or Press Call Button."
  • "Bad Credit Card Read” Please swipe your card again, making sure the stripe is up."
  • "Sorry access denied. Please press call button" for ex when parkers are denied while early entry at prepay is active, as would be the case for a restricted monthly parker outside their allowed timeframe.

How does this impact the customer?

What does the screen say?





What does the customer do?

  • Pay in entry lane

What does the receipt say?

  • “PrePaid Receipt” Has the ticket number and pin. States exit by time to avoid additional charges. “Keep this receipt. You will need it to leave.”
  • Entry date and time. Had price, credit card (VISA) used, and transaction ID. Upon exit, Receipt has the ticket number, entry date and time, and price paid (including overage).
  • No grace period… once expired, they hit a new rate.  If they want it, add it to the first band of the overage rate sheet.


What reporting is in this place?

Please note the introduction of the new Parker Type: PrePayAtEntry

Prepay event report – what is this for?

PrePaid at Entry Summary Report! Details different PrePay at Entry events, even those that have 0 transactions.

Data points: 

  • Start in/end time and out by time
  • Price
  • Number entries
  • Number of overages
  • Event Rate Sheet
  • Overage Rate Sheet

Look for open ticket reports and closed ticket reports. Should be considered a closed ticket. Closed system in ticket means it's exited, so should show as an open ticket until they leave, and then once they leave it’s marked as closed.

How does it work when "on" for:

  • Monthlies - Monthlies are still allowed to enter.
  • Presales - Presales are still allowed to enter.
  • Validations - Dollar off and percent off validations are allowed.


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