Parkonect: User Types

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Parkonect offers multiple user types to enable facilities to offer specific permissions to each of their employees. See below for a breakdown of each of these user types.

Customer Administrator: has master permissions for all sites associated with a parking operator (and Parkonect customer). Customer Administrators may control which sites any user type below them may supervise and edit. A customer administrator also has the ability to activate and deactivate a site.  


Garage Administrator:  the garage administrator can view all logs, pull all reports and edit any garage level settings, including monthly accounts and rate tables.   


Parking Manager:  has access to view all logs, pull all reports and modify/add monthly accounts and cardholders. Parking Managers cannot change any garage settings, including rate tables. 


Account Level User: account level users only have access to specifically chosen monthly account for add/edit/review functionality.  These users have access to monthly/account related reporting only and have no access to garage level settings or financial information.  Parking operators can provide Account Level User access to their clients, such as residential property managers 


Accounting: full access to reports, no access to garage level settings. This account type should ideally only be issued to someone working inside the company, like the accounting department.

Enforcer: access to monthly & presale parkers license plate info for towing enforcement via

EPark101: Sunsetted: Previously allowed 3rd party integrator access.

EPark101viewer: Sunsetted: Previously allowed 3rd party integrator access. 

Gate Opener: Access to to vend the gate of a specific lane(s).

Hotel: Access to hotel portal to create and send hotel passes via

Patron: Any user who has created an account to order a post parking product via the Parkonect reservation system.


Validator:  Validator users are limited to validating transient or providing parking passes (via Parkonect’s Parking Pass Generator – see separately Parking Pass Generator Manual).  Validator users are limited to the specific garage and validations that they are granted access to in their profile. These users have no access to logs, reports or garage level settings. 


Tenant: Tenant users are specific to Parkonect’s eCoupon function.   Please refer to the eCoupon Book manual for further details.  


Remote Users:  Users that cannot change garage-level settings but may view logs, manually enter and validate parkers and run reports in real time. 

If you or your staff need to have their user type adjusted or created please create a support ticket and we'll get it taken care of. Users can create users below their user level.


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