Ballparc How to Add a CiteBlock by Location

Modified on Thu, 12 Oct, 2023 at 4:35 AM

This guide will assist you when you are needing to add or edit a CiteBlock for the Enforcement application. There are two ways to set up CiteBlocks: by location and by plate number. This guide will show you how to set up a CiteBlock by location, meaning that anytime an officer goes to issue a violation for the chosen location, they will receive a CiteBlock message.

1. Click the chevron icon in the top left corner of your screen to display the main menu.

2. Hover over the Enforcement icon and select the CiteBlocksoption from the orange menu.

3. Ensure that by Locationis selected in the top left corner.

4. Click the green add new icon in the lower left corner.

5. You will need to determine if you want this to be a Warning or a Block. A warning means the officer will receive a pop-up with the CiteBlock's information but can continue issuing the violation if needed. If the block is chosen, the officer will not be able to continue writing the offense. Click the icon to make your selection.

  • You will then need to select the Location where this CiteBlock will take place at from the list of dropdown options.

  • Next, you have the option to decide if you want this to occur All Day or Repeat, all day will be a continuous CiteBlock for the date range you select where repeat will reoccur based on the options you decide. If you choose all day, you will need to specify the Date or Date Range below. 

  • If you choose Repeats, you will need to specify the Date or Date Range along with the Time.

  • On the right hand side of the pop up, you can provide details about the repeat CiteBlock. Choose your Repeat Option from the dropdown list of choices.

  • If you choose Daily, you will need to specify a Daily Repeat Interval.

  • If you choose Weekly, you will need to specify a Weekly Repeat Interval as well as select the days of the week it needs to Repeat On.

  • If you choose Monthly, you will need to specify a Monthly Repeat Interval as well as select a Repeat By option.

  • If you select Annually, you will need to specify the Yearly Repeat Interval.

  • Next, choose the Start On date. This will be the date that the CiteBlock will begin.

  • Select the End On information, you can choose Never, After so many occurrences or On a specific date.

  • Once you select all options a Summary will appear informing you of the CiteBlock information.

  • Lastly, Notes must be added to the CiteBlock so that the officer knows why and how to respond.

All set!

Once you have populated all required fields, click the green plus icon to save your details. Your CiteBlock will now be added to the list and active when the start on date is reached.

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