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The Locations page gives you a list of all lots that are set up for your company. To view more information about a location, drill into the site by double-clicking the line of the location you are wanting to open.

Editing a Location

Users must populate all lines of information on the left side of the location pop-up, Name, Address, City, State, and Zip are all required.

The Capacity will allow you to set how many spots are available at this location, as tickets are issued the application will count and track how many are left available.

The Police Non-Emergency No. is populated here, this can be dialed in the application if the user selects Call for Assistance > Contact Police > Dial Non-Emergency Line.

The correct Time Zone will need to be selected for this location.

The Event Manager will need to be selected here, this will be the default manager for this location and it will also be the manager that is contacted if the user selects Call for Assistance > Contact Manager inside of the Event application. The phone number for this is set up on the users page.

The correct Merchant Account must be selected on this screen so that the transactions can be processed to the appropriate account.

Users can also set the Minimum, Maximum and Default Rate here. If the user does not want to give the option to change this in the application, they can enter the same amount for all three lines. The default rate will be automatically selected when new tickets are issued.

Users can select the default location options for this lot here. These will apply to all open parking and events that are selected within the app.

Pay by Options will allow you to determine if you need to utilize Pay by Plate or Pay by Space when issuing tickets. If you do not want to use either of these, select Pay and Display.

Transaction Mode will give you the ability to select which payment types should be accepted. The options for this are Allow All Payment Types, Cash Only, Barcode Only and Hang Tag Only

The Receipt Mode option is to determine how or if you would like receipts to be printed with your transactions. These options are Print All Receipts, Print Cash/Credit Receipts and Don't Print Receipts.

The Barcodes option will only appear in the mobile app if a Reservation Provider is selected here, if these are not selected the user will not have the ability to choose that option on the device. Only one reservation provider can be selected at a time.

Want to learn more?

To learn more information about the Enforcement section of Locations, view our Enforcement Location Guide here.

Adding a New Location

In order to add a new Location, click the green plus icon in the lower left corner and populate all fields. Click the green plus icon in the popup to Add New locations or select the middle green icon to Save and Add Other, this can be used when adding multiple locations in one sitting. Click the red Close icon to cancel out the new record.

Advanced Options

Filters and Sort by options can be applied to this page by selecting the black filter icon in the lower left corner.

You also have the option to hide or display any inactive locations by selecting the purple action icon in the lower left corner, deactivated lots will be displayed in grey italics. If your user has the correct security (they are marked as admin/POC) then they will have the option to Import Entries here as well.

In order to Deactivate or Reactivate lots, hold down the Control key (Windows) or the Command key (Mac) and select the location(s) needing to be deactivated/reactivated. Then select the purple action icon and choose the action you would like to complete. Users can choose to update multiple locations at once this way as well, whatever action you choose from the purple action icon will be applied to all selected locations.

In the bottom right corner, you have the options to Print, export to Excel, export as CSV, and export as PDF.

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