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Create a Notice

The search screen is also used to create a notice manually in the Backoffice. 

  • Click the +Add Noticbutton for the Add Notice form to display.

  • Enter all required notice information and optionally add comments and images.

Notice Details

The top portion of the notice details screen contains information processed on a handheld device or entered manually in the back office as seen above.

Fields include:

  • Notice Number: This is an autogenerated number or manually specified by the person entering the notice in the Backoffice
  • Location: This is where the infraction occurred
  • Plate/State: License Plate of violator

  • Area: Area where the infraction occurred

    Stall: Stall # if applicable
  • Issued By: Issuing Officer Make/Body/Color: Vehicle information as required by organization
  • Issued Date and Time: Date/Time of violation

  • Device ID: ID of the issuing device

  • Created On: Date the violation was uploaded

  • Violation: The type of infraction

  • VIN: Enter if applicable

The bottom section of the notice details provides related records.

Fields include:

  • Adjustments - Adjustments may be made tot he notice if the notice is disputed or incorrect in anyway.

  • Payments - These are payments made to the notice

  • Images - Images are taken of the vehicle in violation at the time the notice is written

  • Notes - Notes can be added by the CSR when account changes are made or the CSR communicates with the violator

  • Owner Information - This information is shown if the owner is known or found via a collections process

  • Disputes - These are disputes entered by the violator concerning the notice.

  • Activity - Any updates made to the notice display here.

  • Change Log - The Change log displays any other audit information not contained on the Details or Activity tabs.

Notice Actions

There are several actions that can be taken from the notice record but may depend on the notice status

An Open and/or Unpaid Notice will have these actions available:

  • Print Notice - This allows the user to print the notice as it was issued to the violator

  • Reset Letters - This allows the Backoffice user to manually reset the Notice Letter Reminders

  • Change Violation - Allows the Backoffice user to assign a different violation to the notice, the balance will update accordingly.

  • Void Notice - Void Notice can be used if there was an error in issuing the notice

When a Notice is closed, further action cannot be taken against it unless it is Reopened.

A Paid or closed Notice will have these actions available:

Adjusting a Notice

Notice adjustments may occur for any business reason and can be performed directly on the Notice record. 

  • Open Notices will display an Add Adjustment button below the Fee Details. Click this button to begin the adjustment process.

  • Fill in the following when adding an adjustment:

    • Reason: Select the reason for the Adjustment

    • Effective Date/Time: This is the date and time the adjustment will begin

    • Amount: This is the amount of the adjustment

    • Description: A description of the adjustment reason may be optionally entered.

Accept Adjustment as Paid Off: Check this box if a partial payment is being accepted as the payoff amount. The Payment will be entered for the amount tendered and an adjustment record will be autogenerated to close out the Notice.

Making a Notice Payment

  • Search the notice(s) in question.

  • Use the checkmark on the top right to select all notices with a balance. You may also click the gear icon to Add Payment or select the Add Payment button.

  • The CSR may also double click the Notice record to view it then select the option to make payment.

  • Enter the payment information on the following screen.

The notice information populates automatically, the CSR just needs to enter the payment information
  • Once the Payment Type and related fields are populated, select the Submit button to process the transaction.


Images that are taken of the vehicle in violation show here. Images can be added and deleted here after the Notice is generated as well.

Notes can be added to the Notice as needed by using the Add New button to the right. To add the note, simply type your note and save. The note will be automatically time stamped with the username of the note taker attached.

Owner Information

The owner information is displayed if it is known. If the information needs to be added, the Attach Owner button will allow this to occur.

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