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Rulesets are a combination of rates including VRS, CallToPark and Timed Parking.  Only one ruleset may be active at a time. The active ruleset will have a check near it.  Rulesets may be activated using the actions dropdown. Activating a ruleset will deactivate all other rulesets. 

  • To add a rule to a ruleset, double click on the ruleset.

Double tapping on a ruleset collapses The Ruleset panel and activates the rules panel

  • Rules may not be deactivated, only deleted. Deleted rules may not be Recovered. 

    • To delete a rule, use the actions dropdown. 

  • To edit a rule, double tap on the rule. 

  • To create a new rule, tap Add Rule.

    • Double tapping on a rule activates the Rule Panel. 

    • Update the rule and press save to collapse the panel. 

    • An empty date range means the rule is always active. 

    • Pays for: the number of minutes allotted. 

    • Out By: parking ends by this time.

      • If both Out By and Pays For are Defined, the customer will be granted the lesser of the two times.


This tab is used to specify Print Templates for a variety of functions, template types include:

  • Notice 

  • Event

  • Inventory

  • Collection

If doing inventory, the Inventory section is used to define the type

Note: The enforcement handheld will not be able to issue notices without a Notice Print Template Defined

Payment Buttons

This section is used to configure Event Parking and OmniPaypoint options


Displays violation schemes available and assigned at the location. Use the actions dropdown to assign or unassign the violation scheme to this location. 

  • Double click on a violation scheme to see the violations in the selected scheme. 

  • If more than 1 violation scheme is active, violations will be displayed on the handheld in order. 

  • Use the reorder button to change the order if violations are displayed on the handheld.

  • The Violations Panel displays the violations in the selected violation scheme panel (left panel)

READ ONLY View - To add violations to the scheme, select Violations from the main menu


Routes are used for  Enforcement and Vehicle Registration. 

  • New routes should be created by going to Routes in the Main menu 

  • Double click the route to see the User and Device details
  • Use the actions dropdown to add or remove this location from a route

NOTE: New routes should be created by going to Routes in the Main menu 


  • The General tab is displayed below if the location does not have a CallToPark IVR number. 

  • Tap Request CallToPark to send an email to OmniPark support to request CallToPark for this lot.

If a location has a CallToPark IVR Number, the screen will look like below


CallToPark Number: This is the number that identifies this location in the CallToPark system.

Service Status: Tap Active to activate / deactivate CallToPark at this location.



  • Plate – Plate Only 

  • Stall – Stall Only 

  • Both – Parker is required to enter Plate AND Stall 

  • Either – Parker is allowed to pay by Plate OR Stall 

Validate Stall

  • Off – Parker is able to make a payment at any stall, the system will not check if stall is valid.

  • On – Parker will be unable to make a payment if they enter a stall that is not defined in the zones/areas tab.

Pay By Days

  • Off – Select by default, Parker is forced to select from available rates. 
  • On – Parker enters # of days and system calculates best value. All rates should be entered as days. 
  • Valid – Instead of calculating best value, select from predefined rates based on days entered.

Information that the Lot Manager provides to T1 CallToPark Support for how to support this location. • Used by T1 CallToPark support when customers call asking questions about the lot.


This section contains values for Integrations between the Enforcement Handheld and 3rd Party Vendors for Pay Stations and  Services. 

The 3rd Party Enforcement Integrations are not installed by default. 

  • Please contact your sales representative to inquire about new integrations for your enforcement handheld. 

  • Edit values using the actions dropdown. Values will only be used by handhelds where the corresponding integration is installed.


Global Notes Panel 

  • Location – Internal Notes that may be edited by anyone. Parker may not see these. 

  • Checker – Notes that will be displayed on the enforcement handheld 

  • Notice – Notes that may optionally be included on your enforcement template. 

  • Save after making any changes.


  • Lot attendants and Parkers cannot see these images. 

  • Tap the image to see at normal size. 

  • Add new images by dragging and dropping using the file selector. After adding images tap upload.

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