BackOffice: Add Disputes

Modified on Thu, 12 Oct 2023 at 04:35 AM

Search for an Open Notice and select the gear icon to view the Notice details. 

Scroll down to the Disputes tab, this tab displays how the dispute was entered, what the dispute concerns and resolved details if resolved.

  • To add a dispute manually in the Backoffice, click the Add Dispute button on the top right of the screen.

The following form appears to insert the dispute details on the behalf of the customer.

  • Complete the required fields and save
  • The Dispute detail page will open when saved
  • To open the dispute detail page manually, double click to select the gear icon from the disputes tab

The main dispute details are shown in the first section:

The dispute details below show related information to the dispute:

Managing Disputes

The bottom section of each dispute contains several tabs with a variety of information to assist in making a decision

  • Info - This displays the Notice details
  • Details - displays any adjustments, late fees, or payments applied to the notice
  • Images - This tab displays the images tied to the notice if any exist
  • Notes - allows for tracking of internal notes made about the dispute
  • Location Notes - Notes made on the location where the notice was issued
  • Rules - This tab displays the currently configured parking rules.
  • Inventory - Will display any payments made for the vehicle.

Resolving the Dispute

  • The dispute record contains a Resolve button, click this in order to apply a decision to the dispute.
  • Select the Status, Reason, and enter any notes to the parker.

The status provides the following options:

  • Void - Adjusts the notice to $0
  • Upheld - The Notice is not forgiven
  • Hold - The dispute can be out on hold for further research
  • Hold Until - This puts the dispute on hold until a certain date
  • Reduce - This allows for the reduction of the original notice fee
  • Reduce Until - Allows for the temporary reduction of the notice fee owed
  • Reasons are configured by the organization (See Reasons section)

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