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The Security menu allows for user and user role creation. Users can be configured to access the back office or the handheld devices. This access is defined by the role assigned to each user. 


Managing Role Permissions

 Roles can be managed by going to Security > Roles.

  • To add a new Role click Add Role.

  • To edit Permissions in an existing role, double-click the Role you wish to Edit

  • Permissions In Role can also be accessed using the Action button (the gear icon on the left).

  • Permissions can be highlighted and moved from left (unassigned) to right (assigned) using the arrows.

    • Hint: Holding the Ctrl or Shift key on the keyboard while clicking will highlight multiple rows to move more than one at a time.


Creating a User

  • Under the security panel, tap or click Users.

  • Select +Add User in the top right.

Users information is entered here along with their Role. The Routes are not assigned here but can be viewed after a user has been assigned to a route.

  • There are required fields denoted in the form with an asterisk. 

  • The Email is not required but highly recommended so that the user can use the reset password functionality as needed. Otherwise, an org admin will need to reset their password as needed.

  • The Org Unit can be set at the top level if the user needs access to all of them or a specific org unit may be selected. 

  • The password is for the backoffice and must contain a capital letters and a special character.

  • The Device Password can be a simpler password as it will be entered into a device for enforcement.

  • Click Save to proceed to the Roles tab as all users need roles assigned in order to use the software.

Assigning Roles to Users

  • Assigned Roles are indicated by the green checkbox saying that the Role is Active for this user.

  • To assign a role to the user, click the action button (gear on the left), and then Activate. 

    • Similarly, a Role can be removed with Deactivate.

  • Get a quick view of which Permissions are in a Role by double clicking a row and the Permissions will be displayed on the right side.

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