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Locations are used to manage different parking areas that may be across cities or states. Each location can be created and updated as needed to conform to local laws and regulations. Each location contains its own setting in tabular form. 

The settings are as follows:

  • Address

  • Web

  • Zones/Areas

  • Rules

  • Handheld

  • Violations

  • Routes

  • Settings

  • CallToPark

  • Integrations

  • Notes

  • Images

  • Support

  • Go to the Locations menu item to view or add existing locations.
  • Use the actions dropdown to perform an action on a location or double click on the row to edit. 
  • Filter locations by active status for easier searching.

Add a New Location

  • Select the Add Location button

  • Manually enter an address

  • Optionally validate/normalize address against Melissa Data.

  • GPS address may be calculated based on Address.

  • Remember to save any changes made to the address panel.

  • The map allows the user to click and drag to a location or for Latitude and Longitude to be manually entered at the bottom. 

    • Click the Update marker button

    • The marker will move to the  specified coordinates


This is a free-form place for information to display on the various websites that the Backoffice may be configured to feed data to.

  • Neighborhood

  • Schedule

  • Keywords

  • Extra

  • Attractions

  • Contact Info

  • Payment Options

  • URL

  • Monthly Rate

  • External PayByPhone

  • Monthly Parking

  • Reservations

  • Show On Map


  • Covered

  • Transient Parking

  • Illuminated At Night

  • Paved

  • Attended

  • Enable Vehicle Registration

  • PermitPoint information is managed here too.

    • Push to PermitPoint allows for updates to be pushed to PermitPoint as needed.

      • This is only needed if your PermitPoint install is using Manual lot sync. 

Please refer to your Web Developer for assistance on how this information is used in your personal website

Zones and Areas

Zones/Areas may be configured here for the location. This information drives the enforcement software for Checkers to monitor the area with ease. 


Areas are used by the OmniPark enforcement Software, they are not visible to parkers and do not affect rates. 

  • Use the actions dropdown icon to edit an area

  • Tap Add Area to create a new area


Zones are for parking rules/rates but parkers and checkers cannot see the zone names

  • Use the actions icon to edit the zone.

  • Tap Add Zone to create a new zone

Stalls are optional and only need to be used for lots with stall-specific rates or logic. 

  • Stalls are a combination of Zones and Areas as well as a stall range.
  • Example ranges: 1-10, 12, 16-32 

  • Both a Zone and an Area must be defined. 
  • To restrict CallToPark payments To the specified stalls, please use Validate Stall in the  CallToPark Tab.
  • Stall ranges may not overlap. 
  • Tap Add Stall to create a new stall range.

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