Flash Valet: Start and End Shifts

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Flash Valet provides shift management and tracking capabilities. After a dispatcher starts a shift, the system tracks all issued tickets and processed transactions. This section shows you how to begin and end shifts and how to generate shift summary reports for each user.

There are two types of users: dispatchers (captains) and valets (runners). Dispatchers log in to the Flash Valet App and begin shifts and sign on valets. Dispatchers can also assign themselves to park and retrieve vehicles.

The steps in this article are for locations with a single valet kiosk using Dynamic Shifts. Each log in on a device creates a separate shift.

Start a Shift

Step 1. Log in

1. Log in to the Flash Valet app with your assigned email address and password.

2. Select the location and tap Sign On.

Step 2. Sign on Valets

1. In the bottom right, tap Control then Time Sheet.

2. Select a valet from the list. If the valet is not on the list, click the blue + icon at the top right corner of the screen and enter the valet's information.

3. Select a time, then in the top right, tap Sign On.

View Signed-on Valets

To view a list of currently signed on valets, in the bottom right tap Control > Reports > Active Valets.

Sign Off Valets

To sign off a valet, follow the steps below:

1. Tap Control on the bottom menu and select Timesheet on the main view.

2. Locate active valets by their signed-on date and time. Active valets have a Shift Open date and time to the right of the valet name.


    3. Tap the valet name.

The time sheet shows signed on valets and dispatchers. Dispatcher profiles have a yellow icon to the left of the dispatcher name.

4. Verify the sign-off time, then on the top menu, tap Sign Off.

End a Shift

When the dispatcher logs off and ends their shift, a shift summary report is automatically emailed to all addresses set in the "Email Shift Summary To" distribution list in the Admin Portal.

If a shift isn't ended manually when the user logs off, they are automatically logged off after 14 hours and the Shift Summary Report isn't generated.

To log off and end a shift, follow the steps below:

1. At the bottom, tap Control > Logoff.

2. Switch the End Shift toggle depending on whether you are ending your shift, then tap Log Off. Tap Yes to end your shift, and tap No if you are logging off to take a break.

3. Confirm the time and tap Logoff.

4. Review the Shift Summary Snapshot and tap Submit.

See Current Shift Transactions

To see a summary of all collected payments during the current shift, at the bottom, tap Control > Reports > Summary by Tender Type.


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