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Modified on Mon, 03 Jun 2024 at 04:21 PM

Hang Tags can be set up for any client that has opted to use them, this page allows users to view and edit existing Hang Tags as well as add new ones.

Editing a Hang Tag

  • Enter the First Name and Last Name of the person to whom you'd like to issue the Hang Tag to, none of the fields are required on this page but are informational.

  • The Hang Tag Number is what will be either printed on a barcode or entered into the application when Hang Tag payment is selected, this number can be any ID that you choose so long as it doesn’t repeat a number that you have already issued.

  • The Start Date and End Date determine when this Hang Tag will be active, if the date is outside of the start/end date the application will not accept it as a valid term of payment.

    Hang Tag Type is a free-form field and informational to the user. 

  • Users have the option to Restrict Locations for a specific Hang Tag, meaning that the application will only accept a Hang Tag as payment in the locations that are selected. If you select yes to restrict locations, you will get the option to add the Locations you want the Hang Tag to be accepted at.

  • Time Required Between Scans can be set so that customers must wait a certain period of time before reusing their Hang Tag privilege, this is helpful in preventing customers from allowing others to use their pass as well.

  • Redemption Type can be set to unlimited or limited, if you choose to limit the redemption type then you will be prompted to enter the number of Allowed Redemptions. The number of Current Redemptions and Available Redemptions remaining will be displayed below.

Adding a New Hang Tag

To add a new Hang Tag, click the green plus icon in the lower left corner and populate all fields. Once you have populated the information click the green plus icon in the popup to Add New Hang Tag or select the middle green icon to Save and Add Other, this can be used when adding multiple Hang Tags in one sitting. Click the red Close icon to cancel out of the new record.

Advanced Options

Filters and Sort by options can be applied to this page by selecting the black filter icon in the lower left corner.

If your user has the correct security (marked as admin), they will have the option to Import Entries by selecting the purple actions icon in the lower left corner.

Want to learn more?

To learn how to import Hang Tag entries using our Excel template, view our How to Import Hang Tag Information guide here.

In the bottom right corner, you have the options to Print, export to Excel, export as CSV, and export as PDF.

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