Flash Valet: Hotel Overnight Audit

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This four-step process helps ensure the accuracy of the overnight vehicle audit report so the hotel front desk can charge each guest accordingly. Valet dispatchers should perform each step daily and before the location's operating window closes.

Conduct an Overnight Audit

To conduct an overnight audit, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Key Board Check

1. Re-scan each key on the valet key board to verify each key is associated with an issued ticket.

2. On the Issued Ticket tab, filter by ticket type and tap Overnight.

3. Check to see if the number of overnight keys on the valet key board match the number of issued overnight tickets in the Flash Valet app.

Step 2. Out and Returning Check

1. At the bottom, tap Control > Out and Returning.

2. Compare the guest list with the hotel's overnight occupancy list. For checked out guests, tap the blue i icon beside their name, then tap Checked Out.

All tickets in the out and returning list appear on the Overnight vehicle report.

Step 3. Eliminate Hot Cars

1. At the bottom, tap Control > Hot Cars.

2. Use an in-house hotel report provided by the front desk to enter the room number for each Hot Car ticket.

Step 4. Send the Overnight Vehicle Report

Once the inventory is checked for accuracy, follow the steps below to send the Overnight Vehicle Report to the hotel front desk and location managers.

1. At the bottom, tap Control > Overnight Payments.

2. At the top right, tap the blue envelope icon.

Overnight Vehicle Report


  • Price: Nightly parking rate paid by the guest. 
  • Actual Paid: It only appears if there is a valet Hotel PMS integration, and charges have been successfully posted to the Hotel PMS integration.
  • Total Earned: Total number of nights per guest (Not shown) x Price
    • For instance, let's consider a scenario where the nightly rate is $58. If one guest stays for 5 nights this adds up to $290. Now, if another guest opts for a 3-night stay, the calculation would be as follows: (5 nights + 3 nights) x $58 (nightly rate) = $464 (total earned).
  • Out and Returning: Tickets/vehicles that exited the location but will be returning to the hotel.
  • Hot Cars: Tickets/vehicles that have not been assigned a room number.
  • Was Checked Out: The guest has checked out.
  • Should have already departed: The guest should already have checked out.
  • Multiple Payments: The guest has made multiple payments.

Note: If the guest paid at the front desk, it will not be reflected in the "actual paid" amount, but it will be included in the total earned.

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