Ballparc How to Manage Violation Disputes

Modified on Thu, 12 Oct, 2023 at 4:35 AM

Your Payment Portal allows customers the option to dispute violations they have received. This guide will assist you in managing disputes once they are submitted.

You can also manage disputes from the Violations page. This allows you to search for the dispute associated with a particular violation rather than viewing all pending disputes. To use this option, search for the violation and then click the blue dispute icon next to the violation details.

1. Click the chevron icon in the top left corner of your screen to display the main menu.

2. Hover over the Enforcement icon and select the Disputes option from the orange menu.

  • The small number in parentheses next to the Disputes label represents the total number of pending disputes which have not yet been reviewed.

3. When you first open the Disputes page, you will see all open disputes in the order that they were received, with the oldest dispute listed first. The oldest dispute will be automatically selected for you. To manage a different dispute, select it from the grid and its information will appear.

  • The Disputes page allows you to take all of the same actions on a violation as the Violations page, such as adding a payment or waiver.

4. After you've reviewed the details about the violation, click the blue review dispute icon to view more information about the dispute and make your determination. If an attachment was provided by the customer, you can click the paper clip icon to view.

  • If you agree with the customer's dispute, select the first action icon to accept the dispute. You will be prompted to select a Waive Reason.

  • If you want to offer the customer a lower amount to pay to resolve the violation, select the second action icon to reduce the violation. Reducing a violation removes any early payment discounts or late payment penalties.

  • If you disagree with the customer's dispute, select the third action icon to reject the dispute. This option leaves the violation open at its current amount.

5. Once you have selected your dispute action, click the green add icon at the bottom right corner of the Review Dispute popup to submit your action.

  • An e-mail will be automatically sent to the customer notifying them of the action you chose for their violation (Accepted, Reduced, or Rejected). Any note entered in the Notes for Customer field will be included in the e-mail. An example e-mail notification is shown below.

  • The dispute will be removed from the list on the Disputes page and the next violation will appear to be reviewed.

All set!

After you have reviewed the dispute, your action will be automatically applied in the system. We'll also keep a record of the dispute and your decision for future reference.

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