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Users have the ability to receive and review violation disputes within the Management Portal; disputes are sent in by your customers through the Payment Portal and can be visible by searching for violations or navigating to the Disputes section of the Enforcement menu. This guide will show you how to view and manage those disputes.


Viewing Disputes

Users have two options when viewing disputes from within the Management Portal. The first option is to navigate to the Violations section of the Enforcement menu and search for a violation. This is best used if you have one specific violation, or plate number, for which you will be reviewing the dispute.

If a dispute has been sent in for a violation, you will see a blue Disputes icon in the bottom section of the screen with the violation details. To review the dispute, select this blue icon.

The second option for managing disputes can be found by navigating to the Disputes section in the Enforcement menu. The number of pending disputes will appear in parentheses next to the disputes label.

Here, users will see a list of all open disputes that need to be reviewed sorted by the date they were received. Older disputes will be listed at the top of the page followed by the ones recently submitted. The oldest dispute will be automatically selected for you, to manage a different dispute make your selection from the grid and the information will appear below.

In the bottom section of the screen, you will see details very similar to what is shown on the violations page. On the right hand side there are several action icons, to review a dispute, select the blue icon.

Want to learn more?

To view more information about what these icons can do, view our Violations guide here.

At the top of the disputes pop up, you will see information such as the Dispute Reason and any Comments that the customer might have added. If your customer chose to add an Attachment, this can be viewed by clicking the paper clip icon, if they did not submit an attachment this icon will not be visible.

To the right you will see three action icons, these allow you to Accept, Reduce or Decline the dispute.

Accepting a Dispute

To accept a dispute, select the first icon and choose a Waive Reason from the dropdown selection. The Notes for Customer field can be used to personalize your message that the customer will receive but is not required for a response.

Once you accept the dispute your customer will be automatically notified via email, any comments that are added will be included in this email.

Reducing a Dispute

The middle icon will allow you to reduce the violation based on the customer's dispute. If you see that their reason is valid but do not want to waive the violation completely, choose this option and you will have the ability to enter a new Violation Fee that will be applied to the ticket.

Note that this amount must be greater than 0 and that reducing a violation will remove any early payment discounts or late payment penalties.

Again, any notes will be sent to the customer with the automatic email once the action has been chosen.

Rejecting a Dispute
Select the final icon if you want to reject a dispute altogether. This option leaves the violation open and notifies the customer that they will still need to make a payment to avoid further penalties.

Notes are optional but will be viewed by the customer when the automatic email is sent out.

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