Ballparc Violations

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Violations that are entered in the Enforcement application can be found here with all pertaining information.


Searching for a Violation

Users have the ability to Search for Violations using a Violation Number or a Plate Number and State of Issue to narrow down the results. The state of issue will come in handy if you are searching by plate number and need to narrow down the state that the vehicle was originally from.

Depending on what filter you choose to search by, you might see multiple violations listed in a grid. You can view more information about an offense by double clicking on that specific line.

Violation Details

Once you select a violation you have many options that can be done. On the left side of the screen in the bottom section you will see details such as the date, location, officer, offense, car details, plate number and space number, if recorded.


Any photos that have been taken will appear here as well as a Copy of Violation, double click on any of these to view a larger, more detailed version. Users can choose to display these photos in the Payment Portal for customers to see by navigating to the Enforcement Settings page.



Processing an Open Violation

On the right hand side of the screen, you will find several action icons. The first icon allows you to view any Field Notes that were entered by an officer when taking the ticket. Users also have the option to add their own Office Notes as well. 

The green icon allows you to Update the Violation. Here users can choose an option from the Update Code dropdown that will be applied to your violation.

If you choose to Override the Violation Amount, you will be prompted to enter a New Violation Fee. This allows users to lower the violation amount without accepting a manual payment. Once you click the green plus icon the violation will be updated with the new violation fee in place.

Override Location will allow you to change the location to which the violation is associated. Choose the new Location from the dropdown list.

Override the Offense allows you to change the reason for issuance of the violation. Select the correct Offense from the list of dropdown options. If you want the violation fee from the new offense to be applied to this violation, select the Update Violation Fee checkbox. If you want the fee to remain what it is now but the offense to change, leave this box unchecked.

Override Plate Number will allow you to edit the license plate number that was entered for a violation. Enter the new Plate Number below and select the Plate State from your list of options.

Override Space Number will allow you to change the space number entered for the violation. Enter the new Space Number below.

Processing a Credit Card Payment

The yellow icon allows users to Process a Credit Card Payment through the Management Portal rather than the customer signing into the Payment Portal themselves. The Action Code and Offense Code will be pre-populated with the correct choices as will the Violation Amount and Service Fee. The Card Number, Expiration Date, Security Code and Billing Zip are all required for the credit card to process correctly.

Processing a Manual Payment

The orange icon allows users to Enter a Manual Payment, an Action Code must be selected to continue and the offense code will default in from the violation. Users have the ability to enter a Less/Discount amount that will be removed from the violation amount, the new total charge will appear below.

The icons to the right of the manual payment screen allow you to choose which Payment Type the customer would like to use. Checks, Cash and Credit Cards can be entered here. Note that the credit card entry should be used to record transactions that have been processed through an on-site terminal or alternate method other than the Payment Portal, to manually process a credit card, use the yellow icon on the Violations page instead.

If check is selected, the user will need to enter a Check Number and if credit card is selected the Card Last 4 Digits and Authorization Code will need to be entered. Select the green plus icon to complete the entry.


Credit Card:

Waiving a Violation

The red icon allows users to Waive a Violation completely. Users must select a Reason and enter any Comments before selecting the green plus icon to complete the transaction.

Managing a Dispute

If a blue icon is visible on a violation, a dispute has been entered by the violator using the online Payment Portal. Select the blue icon to view more details about the dispute. If an Action icon has already been selected (see image below), this means the dispute has already been reviewed. If no icon is selected then the dispute is still open.

If an Attachment was added by the customer, you can click the paper clip icon to download and view. Select the check mark icon if you would like to Accept the dispute. The middle icon will allow you to Reduce the dispute and the final icon should be chosen if you want to Reject the dispute altogether. Any Notes for the Customer that are entered will be sent to the customer in an automatic email along with the action that is chosen.

Additional Details

On the far right users have the ability to view the exact GPS location of the lot that their violation was recorded in. Select View Larger Map and a new tab will open up navigating you to a Google Maps view of the location.

Viewing a Paid Violation

If the violation has already been paid, users will be able to view the amount paid, payment method, check number (if used), date paid, payments added by and action code on the right side of the screen.

Reopening a Violation

If the user is marked as a manager for Enforcement they will see a blue icon below this information that allows them to Reopen the violation if needed. A prompt will appear with a short warning, to continue click the green check icon and the violation will be reopened.


Viewing a Waived Violation

Users will see the date waived, waived by, comments and action code that was applied to this transaction. Again, users with the correct security will see a blue icon allowing them to reopen the violation if needed.

Advanced Options

In the bottom right corner you have the options to Print, export to Excel, export as CSV to Excel and export as PDF.

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