Flash PARCS: Create Membership Accounts

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Add New Membership Account

1. Go to https://portal.flashvalet.com and log in to the Admin Portal.

2. Select Monthly on the left menu and choose a location.

3. Click Add New and choose Membership in the Account Type drop-down menu.

4. Enter the Membership Account details:

  • Member First and Last name (Required)
  • (Optional) Company and Department
  • Email Address (Only Required for emailed summaries)

5. Set the Status to Valid.

  • Invalid Status disables the use of added access credentials.

6. (Optional) Use the Valid Until field to select a date to switch the account from valid to Invalid.

7. Enter "1" in the PARKS field.

8. Select Save.

Set Additional Settings

9. Do not check Allow Passback.

10. (Optional) Make a selection in the Profile drop-down. See Membership Profiles for more info.


11. (Required) Make a selection in Membership Settings.  See Membership Settings for more info.

12. Select Save.

Account Sections

Add Access Credentials

Membership accounts can use any of the available monthly access credentials to access the parking facility.

RFID Prox Card

1. Select the Name in the Contact section.

2. Enter the RFID data in the RFID Tag field.

Contact Section - RFID, Mobile, and PIN Entered

Mobile/BLE and IVR

RFID data is required if using the Mobile/BLE option. If not providing the parker with a prox card, enter the

mobile number in the RFID tag field.

1. Select the name in the Contact section.

2. Enter the mobile phone number in the Mobile field.

See parker Mobile/BLE setup instructions here and the IVR process here


1. Select the name in the Contact section.

2. Enter a PIN or click Create New PIN for a system-generated PIN.

The disable button disables the use of any credentials. 


1. Select Add New under the Cars section.

2. Enter the License Plate and State information.

Do not include any spaces or dashes in the license plate entry. 


1. Select Add New under the Car section.

2. Enter the AVI number in the RFID Tag field.

The nickname field will prompt for a required entry. This is used for the valet setup but still required to add vehicle info. 

Add Credit Card

If the Membership Account is using the Auto Reload or Charge Every Time setting, a credit card is recommended to have on file for parking transactions.  

Operators enter the credit card information in the Flash Admin portal. We do not offer a parker facing option to add a credit card. 

1. In the Membership Account, scroll to the Cards section and select Add New.

2. Enter the required credit card details: Credit Card Number, Name on the Card, Expiration Date, Card ID, and Billing Zip Code.

3. Select Save.

The Flash system does not require a credit card to be added to the account. If a credit card is NOT added to the account, the member can still use their access credential and will be prompted for payment at the exit. The used credit card does not save to the account. 

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