Flash PARCS: Membership Profile Setup

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Profiles set the access permissions and specify a rate for Membership accounts. The permissions can include which logical zones or access zones the member can enter, as well as day and time restrictions.

Profiles are used with other software modules so other settings appear in the profile section that are not applicable to Membership Profiles. 

Create a Profile

1. Go to https://portal.flashvalet.com and log in to the Admin Portal.

2. Select Locations on the left menu and choose a location.

3. Select the Profiles tab from the top menu and click Add New.

4. Enter a name for the Membership Profile.

5. (Optional) If applicable, choose a preconfigured Logical Zone, or Access Zone from

the drop-down menus. See Access Zones for further setup info. 

6. (Optional) If applicable, select a preconfigured Holiday Profile in the drop-down menu. Holiday Profiles can only override the Access Zone/Restriction configuration. See Holiday Profiles for more info. 

7. (Optional) If applicable, allow in/out privileges. See section below for more details on the setting. 

8. Choose the Membership Price in the drop-down menu. If a Membership price is not selected then the system will default to the price linked to the Membership Ticket Type. 

9. Select Save.

Apply Late Fee

Membership accounts now support the Late Fee setting. For setup assistance, please reach out to support@flashparking.com. If a Late Price is associated with the Profile, members will incur a late fee at the Exit kiosk for parking durations outside of the allowed times (Restrictions).

The Late Charging setting defines how the violation will be calculated. The 3 options are below:

  • Late Only: Exits after the allowed time, based on set Restriction times.
    • Example: Monthly Parker allowed to park M-F 6 AM-12 PM. If they park Tuesday 5 AM til 4 PM they will be charged for 4 hours for the overage. 
  • Early and Late: Arrives before or exits after allowed time, based on set Restriction times.
    • Example: Monthly Parker allowed to park M-F 6 AM-12 PM. If they park Tuesday 5 AM til 4 PM they will be charged for 5 hours for the overage.
  • Excess Duration: Calculates the total time allowed and not the actual time of day set in the Restrictions.
    • Example: Monthly Parker allowed to park M-F 6 AM-12 PM = a total of 6 hours per day M-F. If they park Tuesday from 9 AM til 9 PM they will be charged for 6 Hours for the overage.

In/Out Setting 

This feature grants In/Out privileges to Membership Parkers. When enabled, member parkers will have In/Out access based on the Cap Limit/Amount settings.

In/Out Period Type

  • None: The membership accounts do not have In and Out Privileges
  • Midnight To Midnight: In/Out valid until midnight.
  • Operating Window: In/Out is valid until the set Operating Window time. (Operating Window settings are found in the Location Details tab.)
  • 24 Hour period: In/Out is valid for 24 Hours starting the time the membership parker entered the location.

Has Cap Limit?

  • Enabled: The Membership Account will be charged for the exits in the selected period up until the Cap Amount is reached. Once the Cap Amount is reached then they will be allowed In/Out access free of charge until the Period Type resets.
  • Cap Limit? Not Selected: The Membership Account will only be charged for the first exit in the period and then they will be allowed In/Out access until the Period Type ends.

Cap Amount

If the Cap Limit setting is enabled, the Cap Amount must be set and requires an amount greater than $0. This is the amount the member must pay within the period type before being granted In/Out privileges free of charge for the rest of the period type duration.

The Cap Amount resets when the period type ends. This means the Membership Parker will be charged up to the Cap Amount threshold again.

When the In/Out Cap Limit is disabled, or the Cap Amount has been reached, each re-entry/exit is presented as a $0 debit transaction.

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