BackOffice: Disputes User Guide

Modified on Thu, 12 Oct 2023 at 04:35 AM

1. Log into the BackOffice.

2. Click on Notices on the left-hand menu, Search Notices, then click on the Advanced bar.


3. Choose the following:

  1. Date range
  2. Location
  3. Set the Notice Status to OPEN 
  4. Click on Show Open Disputes
  5. Select Search




4. Click on the gear icon to the left of the dispute you would like to look at and choose View.



5. Click on the Disputes tab in the Details section

6. Click on the Gear Icon on the left of the Dispute and choose View


    a. Under the Information section, the Images tab will show the pictures taken when the notice was created.



    b. The Notes tab will contain any files uploaded by the parker as well as any texts or notice letters that have been sent by Flash. 



7. The green Resolve button at the upper right corner of the page allows you to choose the following: 

  1. Status 
    1. Void (will void out the notice) 
    2. Upheld (ticket still needs to be paid)
    3. Hold
    4. Reduce 
  2. Reason – Choose the reason for changing the status above
    1. Note: if choosing Reduce under the Status dropdown, the Amount must include decimal points.  In the example below, the price has been reduced to $10.00.
  3. Note – Additional verbiage here will be included in a follow-up email if sent (see step 8).
  4. Click Save



8. Click the Contact button in the upper right-hand corner.

    a. Choose Email or Postal Address (Email is standard)




    b. Choose the type of Dispute Letter you would like sent:  

  1. Dispute Denied: The Notice still needs to be paid.
  2. Dispute Denied – Pay Parking: Similar to Dispute Denied but included the wording “No proof of payment was registered when the Payment Notice was issued.
  3. Dispute Accepted – Doc Provided: Documentation was sufficient.
  4. Dispute Accepted – POE Error: A Parking Officer made an Error.
  5. Dispute Accepted – Misc: All other reasons for acceptance of dispute.


    9. Click OK

  •     Under the information section below, you can now see the dispute reply email that was sent.




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