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Basic Steps

  • Identify the seller account and location record in ParkWhiz Seller Console

  • Go to Pricings > Reservations tab. You will land on the “Reservations > Transient” tab.

  • Click the green “Add New Pricing” button

  • Identify the appropriate value for the settings listed in the checklist below.

  • Click the “Save Changes” buttton.

Checklist of Settings

Critical Fields that affect time parameters

  • Required

Pricing Name

Any text is allowed. The most common conventions for pricing names are:

  1. Name it according to the pricing’s use (example: Hourly Rates, Evening rate, etc)

  2. Use a pricing name that describes the Days/Times the rates are available (Weekday Evening, etc)

Maximum number of spaces that can be concurrently booked at any given time under the pricing
Valid Times

See the following sections for a detailed discussion:

Pricing (Hours and Rate)

  • Not Required but critical

This location offers overnight parking

See the following section for a detailed discussion:

Accepts smartphone mobile parking passes
  • This setting is found under the Amenities heading 

  • The only time this needs to be unticked is when the location requires printed passes for validation

Require vehicle license plate
  • This setting is found under the Sales Options heading 

  • Enable this setting if the location uses license plates to validate passes

Other Controls

Parameters that affect Availability

Customer must arrive after

  • Requires that the arrival time be on or after the time entered.

Customer must arrive by
  • Requires that the arrival time be on or before the time entered.

Customer must depart after
  • Requires that the departure time be on or after the time entered.

Customer must depart before
  • Requires that the departure time be on or before the time entered.

Minimum parking hours
  • Value must be equal or less than parking duration.

  • Only whole numbers accepted

Maximum parking hours
  • Value must be equal or more than parking duration.

  • Only whole numbers accepted

Restrict when customers can book this pricing
  • Pricing must be booked __ hours before the booking start time

Limit number of spots customers can buy at this price
  • Limits the number of spaces that a customer can book for any intersecting parking period

This pricing is private and only available to a group of users by their email address
This makes the event pricing private to the users whose email address are added on this field.
This pricing is private and only available to users who have access to one of its pricing access codes

This makes the event pricing private and only available to customers who have access to the pricing access code link.

Reach out to if you need to enable this setting.

Pause pricing
When enabled, this makes the pricing unavailable.


  • Manually set according to known properties of the facility

  • “Accepts Smartphone Mobile Parking Passes” is identified as a critical setting because this affects availability on ParkWhiz apps

On-site security guard
This informs the customer that the location has retained the services of at least one person to guard the location and customer property.
Attendant on-site
This amenity has two selections in the drop-down right next to it. The "at all times" selection means that at least one attendant should be present at the location for the duration of the customer's stay. The "for arrival" selection results in an attendant staying only for the customer's arrival at the location and that no attendant is likely to be present for the customer's departure.
Restrooms available to customers
This amenity indicates that the parking location offers restrooms.
Tailgating is allowed
This option tells the customer that they can cook and consume food and drink at the parking location.
Handicap accessible
This selection means that a given location can handle customers with wheelchairs, powerchairs or other motorized conveyances without causing inconvenience to them.
Electric vehicle charging available

This indicates that there is an EV charger at the location.

The icon does not promise that the charging is "included" with any given purchase or rate, so it can be enabled even when there is a fee for EV charging.

If there is a fee for EV charging, it must either be stated in the location description or disclaimer or set up as an Optional Add-on.

Customers allowed to leave and re-enter with same pass

This amenity allows customers to park, depart and re-enter as many times as needed for as long as their pass is valid. Unless this is enabled, customers cannot come and go as they please -- one pass for one entry and exit. This is not enabled often for many locations. Please note that some customers unfamiliar with city parking may misunderstand and think this is the norm.

NOTE: If in/out is allowed on a transient pricing, include this in the pricing name: in/out allowed

Accepts smartphone mobile parking passes
Do not tick if the location requires printed passes for validation
Free shuttle service offered to
This is a specialized amenity for only locations that offer shuttle service to and from the venue to the parking location, typically if they are located outside the normal one mile max range of walking distance. In order to enable this amenity, a venue must be selected. The system will display all venues in range by proximity.
This is parking for Recreational Vehicles (RVs)
This amenity designates that the pricing is for oversized vehicles, particularly RVs.

How multiple transient pricings interact:

  • The rate engine will return the cheapest price available for the time period searched

In-Depth Look: Valid Times, Pricing and Overnight Checkbox

  • Determines the time period that pricing is available for

  • Pricing will only be returned if parking start and end time falls within Valid Times 

> Valid Time” settings which translate to 24/7 availability

> How pricing stacks over a 24/7 period:

> Manipulating the Valid Times field for non-24/7 locations

Not all locations operate 24/7, so we need to understand how to set non 24/7 availability.

Let’s start by understanding how the input boxes for the Valid Times setting work. 

  • The system reads 12:00am as 00:00 or the first minute of the Day

  • What the +Days setting does is add 1 calendar date change to the start time

The way to read this is, from Sun 00:00 to Mon 00:00 (Sunday start of day to Monday start of Day)

Since the calendar date changes at midnight, setting “Days” to zero results in an error 

Here is another example:

Monday, from 5am to 5pm that same day

> Overnight Parking Checkbox

  • The overnight checkbox has a specific function: it is to allow the rates to jump over and stack over the period of time that is not included in the valid times. 

Editing Pricings

  • Click the pricing that needs to be edited

  • Update the relevant fields

  • Click Save Changes

Deleting Pricings

  • Two ways to do this:

    • Pause pricing - pricing will be retained in the pricing list, but will be grayed out

    • Deactivate pricing

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