Flash PARCS: Dynamic Lost Tickets

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If your site has an attendant present, you can use Dynamic Lost Tickets. This feature allows you to select the arrival time and price for a customer who lost their ticket. This is ideal for long-term stay facilities like airports.

If you enable Dynamic Lost Tickets, keep the criteria below in mind:

  • Once Dynamic Lost Tickets are enabled, you can’t use standard Static Lost Tickets at the same kiosk.
  • An attendant must be onsite at all times.

Admin users can control which kiosks utilize Dynamic Lost Ticket mode. 

1. Go to https://portal.flashvalet.com and log in to the Admin Portal.

2. On the left menu, click Locations and select the location.

3. Select the Flash PARCS tab on the top menu.

4. Select an Exit kiosk. (Dynamic Lost Ticket can only be applied to Exit kiosks).

5. Scroll down to the Use Dynamic Lost Ticket setting, and select On or Off to enable or disable. The default option corresponds to the Dynamic Lost Ticket setting on the Location Details page. 

6. Select Save.

Dynamic Lost Ticket Process

The Dynamic Lost Ticket process is outlined below.

1. At the exit kiosk, the customer taps Lost Ticket.

2. The customer taps HELP to call the attendant, then the attendant scans their prox card or barcode at the kiosk.

3. The attendant selects the time and date of the customer’s arrival.

4. The attendant selects the price to apply to the customer’s ticket.

5. The customer completes the payment process.

In reports these transactions show as issued on the exit kiosk. All lost ticket transactions are under the price selected by the attendant in step 4 above.

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