Flash PARCS: Monthly Autobilling: Master Accounts

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The Master Accounts module offers a group invoicing feature, enabling the linking of multiple Monthly Accounts to a single Master Account for consolidated financial responsibility. Additionally, a credit card can be associated with the Master Account to facilitate automated billing. 

Create a Master Account

1. Select the Monthly tab in the left panel of the Admin Portal https://portal.flashvalet.com and select a location. 

2. Select Add New and complete the required information. Click Save.

  1. Select Master from the Account Type drop-down.
  2. Master Code: Create a short code used to link Monthly account invoices to the Master account.
  3. Enter the company or tenant name.
  4. Enter the financial contact name and address information.
  5. Add an email address for invoicing purposes.

3. Add credit card details under Cards to store a credit card to enable automatic payments.

See the Monthly Account article for details on Monthly Account setup.

Link Monthly Accounts to Master Account (from the Master Account)

1. In order to add a child account to a Master Account, scroll down to the bottom of the details page of the Master Account and search for the account that you wish to add under the master.

2. A list of all accounts matching the information entered in the search field will appear, by clicking Link the account is automatically added under the Master Account. Please note that the corresponding packages for the location must still be added to the child account.

Link Monthly to Master Account (from the Monthly Account)

Once the monthly account has been created, the Master Account Code field option will appear at the top of the account page. The monthly account can also be linked to Master Account by entering the Master Code enter while on this page. 

Enter the Master Account code in this field to link the monthly account to the Master Account’s invoices. The monthly packages will be added to each monthly account and the balance will transfer over to the Master Account.

How to Unlink a Monthly Account from a Master Account

  1. Select the Monthly tab in the left panel of the Admin Portal and select a location.
  2. Search for and select the master account.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the Master account details to list of linked monthly accounts:

4. Enter the amount to transfer to the individual’s monthly account if necessary. 

5. Select the Unlink button.

If there's a current balance associated with the monthly parker, the system will offer the option to transfer the owed amount to the responsibility to the Monthly Account from the Master. 

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