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Also known as: Monthly Access Code, Monthly PIN Code, Monthly PIN Access Code.

The Monthly PIN feature serves as an alternative access method for entering parking facilities in comparison to the standard Proximity Card typically used by monthly or membership parkers. With this functionality, monthly parkers can enter the parking facility by inputting a designated PIN code instead of scanning their Proximity Card. Upon entry, the kiosk will automatically generate a barcoded ticket that must be scanned during the exit process.

How to Set Up a Monthly PIN Code

First, make sure that the use of Access Codes is enabled at the Kiosk level.

If not enabled, please contact support@flashparking.com for assistance.

1. Log into the Flash Admin portal and select the Monthly tab on the left menu. 

2. Select the location > Monthly Account

3. Select a Contact for the Monthly Account.

4. Select "Create New PIN": the system will automatically generate a random PIN code for the monthly account. If you wish to modify it, click on "Create New PIN" again, and the system will generate another random PIN code. If you want to assign a specific PIN to a parker, please reach out to support@flashparking.com.

NOTE: The Monthly account must have an RFID assigned for this feature to work. If an RFID was not supplied to the account holder, “dummy” RFID Tag can be entered.

The PIN assigned can also be deleted or disabled:

  • Delete PIN: This action will delete the previously linked PIN code and leave the field blank; it cannot be re-enabled and a new PIN will have to be generated.
  • Disable: The parker won’t be able to use the PIN as an access method, but it will remain in their contact information. It can be re-enabled.

How Monthly Parkers Use Their PIN


Step 1.

The monthly parker arrives at the Entry kiosk and selects “OTHER ACCESS OPTIONS”.

Step 2.

The parker then selects “I HAVE AN ACCESS CODE”.

Step 3.

The parker proceeds to enter their assigned PIN code.

Step 4.

The parker takes the printed ticket and proceeds to enter the parking facility.

Example of the barcoded printed ticket that the kiosk dispenses upon entry.

NOTE: Monthly parkers can only use this ticket once per parking session.


Step 1.

The parker arrives at the Exit kiosk and scans their printed ticket and proceeds to exit the parking facility.

Error Messages:

When the parker inserts an invalid PIN code: “This access code is not valid. Please re-enter the access code.”

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