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The “Gates Only” role in the Flash Admin portal is designed for users who only need to vend gates from the Admin Portal. Linked to a specific location, users with this role can access a simplified page showing kiosks with a “Vend” button. It’s ideal for after-hours employees who don’t need full admin portal or valet app access. Administrators can run the Flash PARCS Vend Exceptions or the Open Gate Activity log reports to track gate vend activity.


  • Administrator or Operations Role for account configuration.
  • User Account requires a linked Location (drop-down menu field).

How to Create a Gates Only User

The username (email address) must be unique per location, a duplicate username can not be used.

1. Log into the Flash Valet Portal.

2. Go to Users > Add New.

3. Enter the user information in the Details section and include an Email Address to serve as the username.

4. Enter a password and confirm.

5. Select the Location to which the user will vend the gates.

6. Under the Roles section, enable the Gates Only flag.

Enabling the Gates Only flag restricts users to only the Vend Gate tab in the Flash Admin portal.

7. Save.

How it Works

Vend Gate Page

When the Gates Only user logs into the Flash Admin portal, they can only access the Gates tab. This tab displays a list of kiosks for the linked location. Each kiosk in the list will have a “Vend” button next to it, along with the Logical Zone and kiosk version.

  • Select the Vend button and the gate will Vend (if the looped is armed). The gate cannot be vended for an unarmed loop.
  • The gate will automatically close after the vehicle arms the safety loop.

Vend Gate Page
Kiosk after vending the gate


Flash PARCS Vend Exceptions

Gates vended via this method are logged in the "Flash PARCS Vend Exceptions" report.

Open Gate Activity Log

The "Open Gate Activity Log" report displays information about who vended the gate and which method they used. In this case, it will appear as "App" and will subsequently trigger the Kiosk, resulting in the same timestamp being displayed.


  • Enabling the Gates Only flag restricts users to only the Vend Gate page. Other user roles should not be selected with the Gates Only role, this will override other access to all other Flash Admin portal tabs.

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