Parkonect: How to Add a New Account

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Parkonect’s Account Module categorizes monthly parkers on an account-level basis with each account having cardholders assigned to it. All cardholders must be associated with an account and therefore if you have one parker for an account, the process to enter them would be to (1) create the account and then (2) create the cardholder under that account.   


To access the monthly accounts and parkers (cardholders) using the Accounts Module, go to Quick Links > Garage Settings > Accounts. The Accounts Module landing page, as shown below, will appear.  


The landing page for the Account Module details all monthly/contract parking accounts that have been created for the garage. On this page, you can: 


1. Use the “Search Parkers” as a wildcard search function to search all accounts for a cardholder’s barcode, name, or unit number 


2. Add or edit accounts and their related permissions 


3. Set all parkers to neutral status 



Note:  Parkonect generally uses a barcode-based credential system for monthly parking.  Other forms of monthly credentials can be used, including FOB, AVI, and license plate; however, the application of these monthly credentials are in specialty manuals and the remainder of this section will solely discuss barcode credentials.  

To add a new monthly account, click the “Add New Account” and the Account Details page, shown below, will appear for you to enter the critical information required to set up an account. 

The following is a summary of the key items on the Account Details page: 


Account Name – this is the name of the account. The account name can be whatever you choose and is used as a reference on numerous reports, logs, and analytics within the Parkonect system. Please be sure to name the account accordingly.  


Barcode Prefix - All monthly parking credentials consist of two parts: (1) the monthly account prefix and (2) the barcode number. The barcode prefix is set at the account level and must begin with “m”. The “barcode” portion of the credential is entered when the cardholder is created, not when the account is created. Please note: You may use the same prefix for multiple accounts with different permissions or assign a different prefix to each monthly account. 


RFID Only Access – this setting is for garages that are using FOB or AVI credentials and therefore may not be relevant to your garage. This is used to add an extra layer of security to exclude barcode credentials that match the AVI/FOB credential from working.    


Pool Size Limit – this setting lets you set the maximum number of parkers that an account can have in a garage at any time. For example, if you check the “Pool Size Limit” box and enter “10” in the valuation field, the account would only let a maximum of 10 parkers in the garage even if the account has 100 cardholders. The 11th cardholder will be denied access and would be required to pull a ticket to enter the garage.  


Monthly Charge – this field is for information and reporting purposes only at this time. It is not a rebilling or collections feature.  


Accounts can also be set for restricted parking rights. Due to the complicated nature of such settings, we recommend contacting a Parkonect specialist should you wish to use this functionality.  


After completing the above information, you should hit the “Save” or “Save/Add Cardholders” button.   

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