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Signing In to the Application

When you first access the Event application, you will be brought to the sign-in screen.

From here you need to enter your Username and Password to access the application, the username will be the email provided on your user profile inside of the Management Portal. If you do not have an email setup, you can click Alternate Sign In at the bottom of the Event sign-in screen.

Alternate Sign In requires a Company ID, Employee ID, and PIN. The company ID can be found in the Management Portal on the Event Settings page and your employee ID can be found on your user profile on the Users page. This type of sign-in is used for those employees who do not have or do not require, an email address on file (for example attendants). Select Regular Sign-In to return back to the main sign-in screen.

Once you have entered the required information, tap Sign In to access the application.

When you first access the mobile app, you will see a time displayed at the top of the screen. This lets you know the time that will be recorded when the begin shift button is chosen and it also serves as a clock in time for attendants using the application.

If your user is marked as an Admin/POC:

In the bottom right corner, you will see three icons. The first icon will allow your user to Manage Plates that have been recorded for a specific lot.

The next icon will take you to a Manager Dashboard that provides details similar to the dashboard in the Management Portal about each event and location that has processed payments that day.

The final icon, which is available to all levels of security, will allow users to Call for Assistance when needed.

If your user is marked as a Manager:

Along with what is mentioned above, managers will notice an additional button on their home screen allowing them to Print a Daily Shift Report. This gives managers the ability to print a daily shift report for any location and event that they manage.

The daily shift report is a summary of each event with tickets sold and revenue collected, this information is similar to what is seen in the Management Portal. Note that users must be marked as the event manager on the location record in the Management Portal in order for them to be able to print a report here, users will only have the ability to print reports for the location(s) that they are event managers for.

If your user is marked as an Attendant:

Attendants will have the ability to begin a shift, log out or call for assistance.

Beginning a Shift

Once you are ready to clock in and start your shift select the Begin Shift button.

From here you will be prompted to Choose the Location where you will be working at for that shift. Note that this cannot be changed at a later time without logging out and ending your current shift.

Once a location is selected an Event will need to be selected as well. The No Event - Open Parking option is always available in the case that a location might need to issue tickets without a specific event scheduled. Any event that is scheduled on that day, the day before, or the day after for the selected location will appear in the list. Tap the correct one to continue.

Adjusting the Rate

Once an event is chosen you must determine the rate that is set for the tickets that are going to be issued. The Current Rate will populate from the event default rate that is set in the Management Portal, to change this select Adjust Rate and you will be brought to a screen allowing you to select a different amount.

The Min Rate and Max Rate will be values that are pulled from the event in the Management Portal as well. Tap the yellow button next to the rate that should be charged to make your selection. 

Users can also choose to Specify the Rate if none of the options above are appropriate. You will then be able to select any value between the minimum value and the maximum value specified above. Tap Select Rate to apply that rate to future tickets.

Selecting Event Options

If you need to verify or change the options that are set for this event, tap the Event Options text at the bottom of this screen to view your choices. Note that the default event options can be set up on the Event page in the Management Portal.

Transaction Types

The first drop-down allows you to choose which transaction type you would like to accept. Cash Only means that you are only able to accept cash payments and reprint tickets, all other icons will be disabled. Barcode Only means you will only be able to scan passes provided by our integrated partners. Hang Tag Only means that only Hang Tags issued within the Management Portal are able to be accepted and All Transaction Types means anything can be accepted. Tap on an option to change your selection.

Receipt Mode

The next option, Receipt Mode, will allow you to choose your receipt printing preferences. Select Print All Receipts to receive a receipt for each transaction. Print Cash/Credit Transactions will only print a receipt when cash or a credit card is being used as the payment form. Lastly, Don't Print Receipts will disable the printing altogether.

Pay by Space

If Pay by Space is selected then the user will be prompted to enter a space number each time a ticket is issued. If this is selected Pay by Plate cannot be chosen.

Pay by Plate 

Pay by Plate will require a plate number to be entered before issuing any tickets. If this option is chosen users will not be able to select Pay by Space.

Once the correct event options have been selected, tap the Continue button to move forward. 

Payment Method Options

This screen allows you to choose which Payment Method the customer will be used to purchase their ticket. Some options might appear or disappear based on the event options selected or client configuration.


The first option is for Cash transactions, tap the icon and then confirm the transaction details by tapping Done.

Credit Card

The next icon is for Credit Card transactions, select this icon and swipe the credit card that will be used for payment on the handheld printer.

The card will be automatically processed and the user will see a green screen showing Transaction Approved if the card has been accepted or Transaction Declined if there was a processing issue. 


Barcodes can be scanned by using the barcode icon, here customers with Click & Park or ParkWhiz passes can scan their tickets to be used as valid forms of payment. To determine which type of pass can be accepted for an event, navigate to the locations page in the Management Portal and select the reservation provider.

Tap the Enter Manually button to allow the digits of the barcode to be typed in rather than scanned, this is useful in the case that the barcode itself is damaged or does not work correctly. Tap Validate once you have entered the barcode digits.

Again, a green screen will appear if the pass was accepted and a red screen will appear if it is declined.

Hang Tags

The Hang Tag icon will appear for any client who decides to utilize Hang Tags in the application, users have the ability to scan or Enter Manually here as well. Hang Tags can be issued though the Hang Tag section of the Management Portal.

Once the Hang Tag has been processed a screen will appear determining if it was accepted or declined and if it was declined a brief explanation will be given.

No Charge

The No Charge option will appear for those clients who have opted in to use it, this option will allow the user to issue a ticket without charging the customer.

Once you select this icon you will see two options at the top of the screen. Tap the text to toggle between these.

Reasons will provide you with a list of options for why a no-charge transaction is being accepted, these can be customized by contacting Ballparc Support. Select the reason for your no-charge request and tap Continue at the bottom of the screen.

If you have set up a VIP list for your event, this can be viewed by tapping VIP List at the top of this screen. This list allows you to view all people that are allowed entry without payment and can be set up per event within the Management Portal.

The list is sorted alphabetically by the persons last name, use the alphabet filter on the right-hand side to quickly scroll between records.

The number on the left side of the screen will display how many passes or entries they have for this event, when the number reaches 0 the line will then turn grey to indicate that this person has used their last redemption.

Tap the person who is entering the event and select Continue.

Please note that this option is only available for event parking, 'No Event - Open Parking' will not have this option displayed.

Want to learn more?

To find out more information about setting up and viewing VIP lists, view our guide here.


The last option available on this screen is a Reprint button, this allows users to reprint the last ticket that was issued in the case that the original ticket got destroyed. Note that any reprints will display on the shift report and on the dashboard in the Management Portal.

Returning to the Home Screen

To return to the home screen at any time in the application, tap the Home icon in the lower right-hand corner. This icon will only appear if you have navigated away from the home screen.

Call for Assistance

All Event users have the option to Call for Assistance on the application, this can be used in several different ways.

Contact Manager will allow you to send a pre-defined message to the manager tied to the location you are working at. The phone number for this can be setup on the user profile in the Management Portal and then must be connected to the location as well. 

Want to learn more?

To view more information about how to set up the phone number for the contact manager feature, view our how-to guide here.

Once you select contact manager you will see the different messages that can be sent, choose any of the below options and your manager will be automatically contacted with that message.

If you choose Contact Police, you will be shown the police non-emergency line that is set up on the location in the Management Portal. Select Dial Non-Emergency Line and you will be prompted to make the call on your iOS device.

Managing License Plates

For users who are marked as admin/POC and managers, a checkmark icon will appear in the lower right corner for Managing Plates. This option allows you to manage any license plates that might have been recorded for a location. Note that if you are not using Pay by Plate, you will not have any plates appear here.

Once you select the location you will see a list of all license plates that have been recorded.

Adding Unaccounted Plates

Users can decide to Add Unaccounted Plates for any plates that are parked with a valid ticket but have not been recorded in the system. Enter the Plate Number and tap Continue for the plate to be added to the list.

These plates will appear in the list with red text and will display in the count of Unaccounted plates in the lower right corner.

Users can use the check marks to the right of the plate numbers to select the plates that have been validated, the Verified count at the bottom of the screen will increase as you select your plates.

You can use the Purge Plates button to remove the selected plates from the list, tap the button and select the appropriate option for your list to be updated.

Remove Checked will remove any selected plates from the plate list, Purge > 2-Hours will remove any plates that have been there for longer than two hours, Purge > 4-Hours will remove any plates that have been listed for longer than four hours, and Purge All will clear the plate list completely.

Users can print a full list of the recorded plates by tapping the Print Plate List button at the bottom of the screen.

Lastly, the Print Audit Results button will provide you with a printout version of the audit table displaying a count of total plates, verified, remaining and unaccounted.

Management Dashboard

Users that are marked as admin/POC or manager will have the ability to view a Manager Dashboard by selecting the middle icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. This dashboard will be similar to the one seen in the Management Portal.

When you first access the Manager Dashboard you will be viewing the Current Location Status, this will display a list of all locations that are actively processing transactions. Information such as the location, event name and time, attendants, and available spaces is shown on the main screen but users have the ability to view more information by selecting a location.

Users have the option to view the dashboard by the event as well, select the View by Event button at the bottom of the screen to see the status of each active event for that day. Tap View by Location to return to the location view.

You can tap an event to view the Current Event Detail with information such as the total revenue breakdown and attendant information.

Logging Out and Printing a Shift Report

Once the workday is done you must log out of the application in order to retrieve the shift report. This can be done by navigating back to the home screen and selecting the Log Out button.

Users will be prompted to choose Continue Shift or Print Shift Report & Logout.

Select Print Shift Report & Logout to end your shift for that day. A report with all statistics for your user will be printed.

Want to learn more?

Managers can reprint a user's shift report directly from the Management Portal. View our How to Reprint a Shift Report Guide for more information.

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