Ballparc: How to Issue a Ticket/Receipt using Event

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This guide will assist you or attendants when issuing a receipt/ticket within the Event application.

1. Turn on the Bluetooth printer by pressing the power button on the right.

2. On your handheld device, tap on the Event icon to open the application and sign in.

3. Tap the Begin Shift button on the Event homepage.

4. Choose the Location or lot that you will be working in during this shift by tapping the arrow next to the location name, note that this cannot be changed without logging out and ending your current shift.

  • A prompt will appear asking if you want to continue with this location, tap Yes if this is the correct Location. Tap No if you need to select a different one.

5. Next you will be given a list of events that are tied to the location you are using. The No Event - Open Parking option can be used if you are issuing tickets without an event in place. If you are working a specific event, tap the arrow next to that event name to continue.

6. You will need to determine the ticket price or rate before continuing on to accept payment. The Default Rate that is setup for this Event will automatically be shown, tap Continue if this is the appropriate rate to charge.

  • If you need to charge a different amount for ticket prices, tap Adjust Rate. Here you will have the ability to choose from pre-determined min and max rates for this event. Tap on the rate to choose that amount.

  • If neither the min max or default rates are appropriate, tap Specify Rate and you will have the ability to choose any value in between the minimum and maximum amount. Tap Select Rate to continue forward.

7. If you need to verify or edit the options selected for this event, tap Event Options at the bottom of this page. Note that these will typically be set up prior to the event but there are some instances where they will need to be changed. If the event options are set correctly you can select Continue to move forward.

8. Use the dropdown menu next to each option to choose your selection.

  • Transaction Types will determine what type of transactions are accepted. The options here are All Transaction Types, Cash Only, Barcode Only and Hang Tag Only. The payment options will change depending on what is selected here.
    The Receipt Mode  will allow you to define when or if receipts are printed for certain transactions. The options here are Print All Receipts, Print Cash/Credit Receipts and Don't Print Receipts.
  • Pay by Space is going to require a space number before printing a receipt
  • Pay by Plate means that you will be required to enter a license plate number prior to accepting a payment

9. You will now be brought to the Payment Methods screen, the icons that are shown here will differ depending on which options have been selected. Choose your method by tapping the correct icon, the options are as follows: Cash, Credit Card, Barcodes, Hang Tags, No Charge and Reprint.

All set!

Once you have selected your payment method your receipt/ticket will automatically print when the transaction is accepted.

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