Ballparc Settings in Enforcement

Modified on Thu, 12 Oct, 2023 at 4:35 AM

The Settings page gives the user customization of the mobile app and Management Portal. Depending on security, users will have the ability to view operator information as well as configuration and payment portal information.

Operator Information

The Operator Information section provides Details such as the operator ID, address and phone number. The Company ID or Operator ID that is used for Alternate Sign In can be found here as well. Each company has its own ID that applies to all users within that organization.

Stats will provide the user with details on locations, violations, POCs, managers and officers.


The Configuration section gives you several options to set up for the mobile app.

You have the ability to Require Placement Photo, if you'd like. This means that the application will force the officer to take another photo once the violation has been printed to show the placement on the vehicle, click the green check mark to save your preferences.

Show Violation Photos on Customer Portal allows you to determine if you want customers who are paying their violations to be able to see the photos that were captured during the violation issuance. These photos are the same ones that are displayed on a violation inside of the Management Portal.

Billing Preferences

Billing Preferences allow you to determine if the customer will receive an increase or decrease in ticket amount when the offender does or does not pay within a set time limit.

Tier 1Tier 2, and Tier 3 are the amounts that the ticket will increase or decrease by, in the second column you can determine if this is a Dollar Value or Percentage.

The middle column determines if it is an Increase or Decrease and the next column determines If Paid or If Not Paid.

The final column is to determine the number of Days before the increase or decrease takes place. Click the green check mark to save your preferences.

These billing preferences will display at the bottom of a violation if they are set, and they will automatically apply to the violation in the portal over time.

Payment Portal

Users have the option to choose what Company Logo and Company Colors appear inside of the Payment Portal.

To Upload or Change Image select the purple action icon, select the red x to Remove Image.

The Primary and Secondary colors will need to be selected below, these numbers can be entered in hex color codes or click in the text box to choose a selection from the color panel. Click the green check mark to save any changes or updates.

Select the Connect to Stripe button to initally connect your payment portal account. This area will display Connected to Stripe once the connection has been correctly setup.

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