Ballparc Enforcement Mobile Application Guide

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Signing In to the Application

When you first access the Enforcement application, you will be brought to the sign-in screen. From here you need to enter your Username and Password to access the application 

The username will be the email entered on your user profile inside of the Management Portal and the standard password will be 1234 for the first time logging in. 

If you do not have an email setup here, you can click Alternate Sign In at the bottom of the Enforcement sign-in screen.

If you have forgotten your password, tap the Forgot Password button to be taken to the password reset page. This will allow you to enter your Email Address so that you can be sent a new password. Note that the email must be set up on the user profile in the Management Portal for this to work properly.

Alternate Sign In requires a Company IDEmployee ID, and PIN. Both the company ID and the employee ID can be found in the Management Portal, the company ID/operator ID will be listed on the Enforcement Settings page and the employee ID is located on an individual's user profile record on the Users page.

This type of sign-in is used for those employees who do not have or do not require, an email address on file (for example Officers). Select Regular Sign-In to return back to the main sign-in screen.

Once you have entered the required information, tap Sign In to access the application.

You will be brought to the Ticket screen when you first access the application. This is the section that allows you to issue a violation.

If you tap the chevron in the top left corner you will see all of the menu options that Enforcement has to offer.

Issuing a Violation

To issue a violation, navigate your way back to the Ticket section and begin selecting information.

The Location dropdown will provide a list of all active locations listed in the Management Portal, select the lot that the violator is parked in and tap Done.

The Offense that is chosen will determine what the violator has done and how much they will be fined. These offense codes can be managed or set up in the Management Portal.

Tap Continue once the correct options have been chosen.

The next screen will contain Vehicle Information that will need to be filled out to continue with the violation.

The Vehicle Make dropdown will populate with a list of major car manufacturers. You can use the alphabet at the top to filter down to a specific letter or scroll through the list to find your selection. Tap the make you want to select and then tap Done.

The Style allows you to choose the type of vehicle the offender has, again use can use the alphabet filter to narrow down your options or scroll through the list until you find the appropriate description. Tap Done once you have made your selection.

Next, you will need to select the vehicle's Color, many variations of colors are listed here for ease of finding the exact match for the car that is being written up.

The Licensing State will pre-populate with the state you are currently located in based off of GPS coordinates. You can change this dropdown and select a different state, if necessary.

License Plate is a freeform, required field allowing you to enter the offender's license plate directly on the violation.

Space Number is not required but is useful if your company has space numbers provided in the lots, again this is a free-form field that can be entered to match was is displayed in the lot.

Lastly, officers will have the ability to add Notes to a violation by tapping the notes text at the bottom of the screen. These will appear on the violation in the Management Portal as field notes. You do have the option to allow these notes to be displayed on the violation itself but you must contact Ballparc Support to make these changes.

Tap the Continue button once all information has been populated.

If the vehicle you are writing up has been issued a violation before, a popup will appear letting you know the number of repeat offenses along with the amount that is open versus the amount that is satisfied. Tap Continue to continue issuing your ticket or tap History to be taken to a record of all violations for that plate number.

If the license plate that you are writing up is actually listed in the Paid Vehicles section, you will get a warning message informing you that this plate has in fact already been paid. From here you have the option to Continue with the violation or select Paid Vehicles to be taken to that module. 

Vehicle Photos will allow you to take up to four photos of the offender's vehicle which can be used to show why the offense was written or to provide confirmation that the vehicle was in fact breaking a parking rule. 

These photos will appear on a violation in the Management Portal and users have the option to display them in the customer-facing Payment Portal as well.

Want to learn more?

To view more information about violation photo options, visit the Enforcement Settings guide here.

Tap the camera icon to capture your image, at least one photo must be attached to the violation. Once the user has taken the necessary photos tap Print Ticket for the violation to be complete. 

If a client has opted to use the Placement Photo setting that can be found in the Management Portal, users will be taken to an additional screen after the violation has been printed. 

This allows you to take a photo of the ticket placed on the car which can be useful in the case that a violator tries to dispute the offense by saying the ticket was not received. 

Tap Submit Photo for the photo to be saved, these can also be found in the Management Portal on the violation.

Once the ticket has been submitted users will then be taken back to the Ticket screen allowing them to begin a new violation.


Viewing History

The History icon will allow officers to look up past violations for a specific plate number or violation number.

Users can choose to search by Violation Number if they know the specific number they want to look up, you can also choose to select the State of Issue to narrow down the search results. Tap Continue to see the results.

Violation Number Results will display a list of all violations matching the number that was searched. Typically, there will only be one result listed. Tap the line to view more details.

When viewing the violation details users have access to information such as the offense, status, plate number, and car information. You can also choose to Print Details at the bottom of this screen if needed.

Users also have the option to search for history by using a Plate Number instead of a violation number, again the State of Issue can be chosen to narrow down these results.

The plate number results will display a list of all license plates matching the digits that are entered and you can choose the correct vehicle from there.

Note that partial plate numbers can also be searched here as well, this is useful in the case that you do not know the full plate number but know the first three digits and the state of the issue. Type in the partial digits and you will be shown plate number results matching your request.

Once a plate has been selected the user will be taken to a list of all violations for that offender. At the bottom of the screen, you can view a Plate Summary which gives details on the total violations, open violations, total due, and date of the first violation. Users have the option to Print History here as well.

If you want to view additional details about a specific violation, tap the wanted violation and you will be shown the offense, status, plate number, and car details. Users have the option to Print Details at the bottom of the screen.

Reprinting a Violation

The Reprint option will show a list of all violations that have been written by your user in the last 24 hours.

 To print an additional copy of a violation in the case that the original was destroyed or said to have been unreceived, select the violation to be printed and then tap the Reprint Ticket button at the bottom of the screen. This page will stay up to date as the day continues.


The Locations section allows the officer to check in to the location they are patrolling. 

Users must first Choose a Location. This can be done by finding the location on a map or you can select List at the bottom of the page which will list out all of the locations. 

If you choose to check into a location and you are not physically at the location, you will not be able to check-in. Checking in allows the manager to track the officer in the field. 

Once you either check-in or continue without checking in, you will be brought to the Paid Vehicles list. This is where your integrations will live and will be sorted by plate numbers. The Plate Search provides you with an easy way to search for vehicles without having to scroll through a long list.

If you select the small information icon, you can view how and when the customer paid for parking.

There is also an LPR feature that exists at the bottom of the paid vehicles page.

Selecting this will open up the camera on the phone and allow you to scan license plates. It will automatically tell you whether the customer has paid or not.  


Logging Out of Enforcement

Lastly, the Logout button will allow a user to log out of the Enforcement application and be taken back to the sign-in screen. 

Note that the Version Number can be found on the sign-in screen in case it is needed for support-related issues.

User Information

The User Info section provides you with brief details about the officer that is currently signed in to the Enforcement app.

Here you have the option to Change Password or Change PIN.

The Change Password option allows users who utilize the regular sign-in method to change the password that is required to sign in to the application or the Management Portal. Here you must enter the Current Password, New Password, and Confirm New Password, and tap Accept once completed. Additional options are available at the bottom of the allowing you to Edit User Info or Change PIN.

Change PIN allows users who utilize the alternate sign-in method to change the PIN that is required to sign in. Here you must enter your Current PIN, New PIN and Confirm the New PIN. Tap Accept to save your changes or select from additional options allowing you to either Change Password or Edit User Info.

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