Reports in Enforcement

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The Reports section gives you the option to run various reports to collect the information needed to manage and improve your parking business. 


Action Code Summary by Location

The Action Code Summary by Location gives you a summary of action codes applied to each location's violations.

Filter Options

Once you drill into this report you have several filter options that can be set. Note that these filter options will remain in the majority of the reports until you Reset them.

You have the option to Show all, payments only or waivers only in the top left corner. Users must also choose a Start Date and End Date for the report results.

In the Locations box, you can click and drag to select multiple lots in a row or you can hold down the Control key (Windows) or the Command key (Mac) and click the multiple locations that you would like to be selected.

The Format dropdown gives you the option to view your report in different applications, you can choose from: View - view the report in the Management Portal, PDF - view a PDF version of the report, Excel - export as an .xls file, or CSV - export as CSV to Excel.

Once the filters have been set, click Generate to retrieve your results.

Fine Summary by Location

The Fine Summary by Location report will give you a summary of each location's issued violations and payments. The filter options for this are Start Date, End Date, Locations and Format.

Multiple Unpaid Violations

Multiple Unpaid Violations will give you details on each plate with a defined number of open violations or more. This report only has two filter options, you can define a Minimum Number of Open Violations and you can choose your result Format.

Officer Violation Activity

Officer Violation Activity has details on violations written that are grouped by officer. These filter selections are Start DateEnd DateOfficer and Format type.

PARIS Cloud Permit Locations

PARIS Cloud Permit Locations will give you a list of locations enabled for permit scanning through PARIS, you do not need to select any filters for this report other than the Format type.

Payment Details by Location

Payment Details by Location will give you the details on each violation payment made during a certain time period. You have the option to select the Start DateEnd DateLocation and Format here.

Payment Summary by Date

Payment Summary by Date will display a summary of payment action codes grouped by day. These filters are Start Date, End Date, Location and Format.

Violation Details

Violation Details will provide you with details on each violation issued during a certain time period. You must choose what to Show, select a Start Date and End Date, choose your Locations and select a Format type to retrieve your results.

Violations by Location

To retrieve a summary of the number of violations issued, open, and waived for each location you can view the Violations by Location report and filter down the Start DateEnd DateLocation and Format.

Violations by Officer

The Violations by Officer report will produce a summary of the number of violations issued, open and waived for each officer. Here you have the options of choosing your Start Date and End Date as well as the Officer(s) and Format type.

Voided Payment Details

Lastly, the Voided Payment Details report gives you details on voided violation payments. Here you have the option of choosing your Payment Start Date and Payment End Date as well as the Locations and Format type.

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