Flash Valet: Issue Valet Overnight Tickets

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Step 1. Issue a Ticket

Method Options

  • Scan the ticket bar code with the attached Infinea Tab or Linea Pro laser scanner.

  • Tap camera icon to scan barcode with camera scanner.

  • Press the blue + icon on the top right of the app to issue the ticket manually.

Step 2. Enter Ticket Details

Enter ticket details based on operation and tap Done to save details and issue the ticket.

Info Options

Ticket No.Scanned Barcode Number
Parked BySelected valet runner
PriceDefault price with an option to edit 
NameReservation name
Room/Unit #Hotel room # 
Departure DateCheck Out date 
Parking SpotOpen field 
Parked Out FrontTap if car is parked on the drive
VIPInsert star by ticket no. once issued
Retrieve AtSchedule Retrieval 
Vehicle MakeVehicle Make selection (scan option)
Vehicle ModelOpen field (scan option)
Vehicle ColorColor selection 
License StateOpen field
License NumberOpen field
PhotosTake photos to capture vehicle damage
Vehicle DamageMark vehicle damage on the car diagram 
NotesInternal open notes field 

Scan VIN Barcode

Scan the vehicle barcode with the laser scanner or camera scanner to auto-populate the Vehicle Make and Model information.

Vehicle Damage

Vehicle damage can be captured by tapping Photos to take pictures of the car or Vehicle Damage to use the diagram option. 
Simply use your finger to mark areas of physical damage on the vehicle.

The ticket details can be entered after the ticket is issued by tapping Edit next to the ticket no. on the Issued tab. 

Step 3. Check Keys In

After issuing the ticket, the app will default to the Issued tab and the ticket will be listed. Once the vehicle is parked and the keys are brought back to the key store, this action can be accounted for by checking in the keys. 

The red key icon indicates the keys have not been marked as checked in. 

  1. Scan the barcoded key tag or tap Edit next to the ticket number. 
  2. Select Check Keys In

Key Check-In Alarm

If the keys are not checked in, the app will sound an alarm to remind the valet attendants to account for unchecked keys. The alarm time out by default is set to 30 min, but the time limit is customizable by Flash Support. 

The key check in requirement can be disabled altogether, contact Flash Support to change the Key Check In settings. 

Once the keys are checked in and ticket details entered, you're all set until the vehicle is requested for retrieval.

Step 4. Capture Room Number

Overnight tickets require capturing the room number so the Hotel Front Desk can charge the guest folio the valet overnight fee. When the overnight ticket is missing the room number, it's considered a "HOT CAR" and the ticket background color will appear red. 

Room numbers can be entered on individual tickets by editing the ticket, or tickets can be updated in bulk by using the HOT CARS option under the Control tab.

Individual Ticket Update 

1. Locate the ticket by Searching by name.

2. Tap the Edit button next to the ticket number.

3. Select Edit Ticket from the pop-up menu.

Bulk Update

1. Tap Control and select Hot Cars.

2. Enter Room numbers and tap Done to update. 

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