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Welcome to the Ticketech Timekeeper user guide. This guide will provide an overview of the capabilities available to you today and will be updated as new features are added to the platform periodically.


To access employee time & attendance:

  1. Login to sso.ticketech.com
  2. Select BackOffice Mobile
  3. Go to Timekeeper in the left-hand navigation

Manage Employee Timesheet

View Employee Timesheet

To view timesheets for employees, go to Timekeeper in the left hand navigation and select Manage Timesheet

Search Payweek(s)

  • To search for a single pay week, select the payweek start day from the date picker in the committed summary view.
  • To view multiple pay weeks (up to 4 payweeks) and to filter by employee or parking location, select Go to Advanced Search.

Edit Employee Timesheet

In the committed summary view, select Edit Timesheet for a particular parking location on a given pay week.

Edit Employee Hours

To edit a set of worked hours, select the pencil icon.

  1. Edit the Parking Location of the hours worked. 
  2. Edit Time In/Time Out a set of hours that an employee has worked
  3. Set Pay Type
  4. Add a Note that can be viewed by other supervisors who have access to Timesheets. 
  5. Mark a set of hours as Approved. Note: This is only a visual indicator to track which hours were reviewed and approved. It serves no functional purpose in the system.

Add Employee Hours

To add additional employee hours for a particular employee select Add Hours. 

Commit Timesheet to Payroll

Once you made final edits to a timesheet, select Commit to Payroll. 

Important Note: You will no longer be able to edit a timesheet if you commit it to payroll. 

Allocate Overtime

Important Note: In order to use the Allocate Overtime feature, you must first Commit to Payroll ALL timesheets for a pay week. 

1. To designate which hours an employee worked should be considered regular or overtime hours, select Allocate Overtime. 

2. Edit the regular and overtime hours for all the hours worked.

Use the Remaining Unallocated Time indicator to "check your math" and make sure you have allocated all hours to either regular or overtime.


3. Save your changes. 

Set Overtime Alerts

To receive alerts when an employee reaches overtime for a particular parking location, go to Timekeeper in the left-hand navigation and select Overtime Alert.

Setup Alert

To set up an alert:

  1. Enter the contact emails that should receive alerts for each parking location. Separate multiple emails with a comma (e.g. bob@barker.com, park@pupper.com)
  2. Save your changes. 

Setup Alerts in Bulk

To set up alerts in bulk:

1. Download and fill out the Export CSV Template with all the contact emails that should receive alerts for each parking location. 

2. Once you have completed the export CSV template with, select Import CSV Template and import the template from Step 1

Technical Support

For all technical support questions or product feedback, contact support@ticketech.com or create a support ticket at support.ticketech.com

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