Ticketech: EV Charging

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This guide will provide an overview of the capabilities available to you today and will be updated as new features are added.


Log In

To access EV charging: 

1. Log in to Garage Screen 

2. Select your garage 

3. Select EV Requests on the left hand navigation 

EV Queue Overview

Charging ports

The left side shows the charging ports and their status. These ports are sorted alphabetically. You can click on each port and assign them a custom name to make it easier to identify them in the physical space. We recommend adding corresponding stickers to the physical ports to make it easier for attendants to navigate.



EV Charging Queue

To the right of the charging ports, there are three columns. Each column has cards with relevant vehicle details and request time. 

  • The first column shows vehicles that need charging. 
  • The second column shows vehicles currently being charged, with kWh used, and the charging port associated with the vehicle. 
  • The third column shows vehicles that have finished charging but are still on the lot.


At the top of the page, you can see the current rate of a charging session. 


Manage EV Charging Queue

Add vehicles to the Needs Charging Queue:

There are two main ways a vehicle can get on the needs charging queue:

  • First is at check-in at the POS or the Handheld. 
  • Second is by manually adding a vehicle to the queue from the list of parked vehicles in this same portal. Check-in on POS.

1. Select Daily or Monthly 

2. Tap EV Charge


3. Enter License Plate information, Color, Make.


4. Enter the estimated checkout time.


5. Complete check-in as usual 

Check-in on Handheld 

1. Select Transient or Monthly 

2. Enter License Plate information, Make, Color 

3. On the overview screen 

a. select State 

b. tap EV Charge toggle 

c. add estimated checkout time 

4. Complete check-in as usual


Manually add a vehicle 

Attendants can manually add a vehicle to the EV queue from the list of parked from this same portal. This is helpful if a client forgot to ask for EV charging at check-in, but later turns out they do need EV charging.


1. Select Stays on the left hand navigation 

2. Click on the EV charging icon in the same row as the vehicle you want to charge.


3. Click Make Request 

4. Navigate to the EV Requests tab to see your request 

Start a Charging Session

Every charging session has to be associated with an open ticket. There are two ways to start a charging session.

1. First is by tapping a port. Tap an open port and then select a vehicle and then start charging.

2. Second is by tapping a vehicle in the needs charging column and then selecting a port to start a charging session.

End Charging Session

To end a charging session, attendants can unplug the vehicle from the charger. In order to be able to disconnect the charger from the vehicle, we recommend attendants ask the vehicle owner at check-in how they usually start and stop a charging session on their vehicle. This is necessary because every make and model has slightly different charging processes, so it is best to obtain clarity on how the individual vehicle works. 

Disconnecting the charger moves the vehicle to the charged column, displays the final kWh used, applies the rate logic, and adds charges to the ticket, and the charging port goes back online. 

Charges are calculated automatically and added as line items to the ticket at checkout. There are no manual steps here for attendants. Attendants can check out the vehicle as they normally would.

Change EV Charging Rates

The rate logic is self-service, per location, and set within the Operator Portal.

1. Log in to the Operator Portal 

2. Select your garage 

3. You should see an overview of the name, location ID, etc. 

4. Select the EV Rates tab 

5. Use the drop-down to access options: 

a. Flat fee

b. cents per1kWh 

c. cents per minute 

6. Save Changes 


  • Phihong AX48 
    • 48A output(11.5kW) 
    • Wall-mount EV AC charger 
    • input: 200Vac~240Vac 
    • OCPP 1.6 JSON 

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