Flash AR: Bulk Parker Import

Modified on Tue, 28 May at 12:26 PM

Bulk Add Parkers 

Parkers can be added to an Active account using the Bulk Import xls option. 

  1. Log in to the Flash AR portal. 

  2. Select Accounts from the left menu

  3. Locate an account from the Active Accounts section.

  4. Select Edit to open the account.

  5. Select the Advanced tab from the top menu.

  6. Select Start an Import. 

A template option is available to demonstrate the required data for a successful import. 

1. Download the template by selecting "clicking here". 

Delete the example data before saving and uploading the import. 

The import includes the available Parker Info fields but not all are required. Fill out data based on what applies to the operation. 

Import Template Fields

  • First  Name: Parker name

  • Last Name: Parker name

  • Phone: Mobile phone number. This is required for BLE and IVR credential access.

  • Car AVI Tag

  • Car Plate: License plate (required for LPR systems)

  • Car Make: 

  • Car Model

  • Car State

  • Card Number: PARCS CARD number. Must enter as facility code:card number, no space or dashes. For example 183:12345

  • End Date: Parker account termination option. Deactivates the parker only, not the entire account if multiple parkers are added to the account.

  • Space #: Reserved Parking spot list (not currently available for Flash locations)

  • Profile (Access Level): Sets the parker restriction (allowed days and times).

  • Pass Status:

  • 1: Enables all PARCS credentials / Access Granted.

  • 0: Disables all PARCS credentials / Access Denied.

  • Department: Used for report sorting/filtering purposes.

  • Barcode: Valet customer card barcode sequence 

  • Employee ID: Reporting purposes only 

  • Pool Name: Capacity Pool option, enter name only. 

  • Vehicle Key Barcode: Valet key tag barcode

  • Vehicle Barcode: Valet window decal barcode

  • Key Hook: Assigned Key hook for valet operation.

The Flash AR portal allows up to 3 vehicles per parker. The import xls includes fields for any additional vehicle credentials. 

2. Save xls, and select the upload icon to upload data. 

3. Select a Rate Code, which will be assigned to all Parkers included in the upload. 

4. Select Run Import

5. Any validation errors will prompt for edits. 

6. A successful import will prompt confirmation. 

7. To verify all accounts are pushed to the Flash PARCS system, select the Sync Account with PARCS under the Advanced tab. 

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