FLASH AR Manage Parkers

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Parking Info Tab Overview

The Parking Info tab displays location details, and the parkers added to the account. 

  1. Log in to FLASH AR portal. 
  2. Select Accounts from the left menu
  3. Locate an account from the Active Accounts section.
  4. Select Edit to open the account.
  5. Select the Parking Info tab from the top menu. 

You can view or edit the information listed below.


  • Notes: The internal account notes field. Notes transferred over from the submitted application approval process are saved in this section.
  • Message on Application: An optional message from the account holder during the self-sign-up process.
  • Parking Location: The parking facility that the account can access. 
  • Business Name: The Business Account name entered during the self-sign parking application process or adding a new customer account. Business Account is equivalent to the Company field in the FLASH Admin portal.
  • Tenant: Combine accounts for reporting purposes.
  • Agreement Signature Date: Application submission date. 
  • PO Number: Purchase Order number for accounts payable automation.
  • Start Date: The initial invoice start date.
  • End Date: The account termination date.
  • Add Parkers: Add additional parkers to the account (invoice).

Manage Parkers

In the Parking Info tab, under "Parkers", is a set of controls for individual parker accounts associated with the account (or group account). The parkers in this list are the monthly accounts that will appear in the FLASH Admin portal. You can view or edit the information below.


Add Parkers


To add a new parker to the account (invoice), follow the steps below.


1. Open the account details of the account you want to edit.


2. At the top, click Parking Info.

3. Click Add Parker.

4. In the corresponding fields, enter the parker’s information.

5. In the Rate Code dropdown, select an applicable rate code. If contract billing is enabled, select an applicable category from the Category dropdown.

Edit Parker Info


Click Edit on a parker to edit the information below. Click Additional Fields to view all available fields. Required fields are marked “required”.

Parker Info and Settings

  • Parker Name: First and Last Name.

  • Phone: Mobile phone number. This is required for BLE and IVR credential access.
  • Rate Code: Monthly rate invoiced.
  • Start Date: Controls the invoicing start date. This date can differ from the start date that applies to the entire account.
  • End Date: Parker account termination option. Deactivates the parker only, not the entire account if multiple parkers are added to the account.
  • Department: Used for reporting purposes.
  • Pass #: PARCS CARD number. Must enter as facility code:card number, no space or dashes. For example: 183:12345
  • Pass Status:
    • ON: Enables all PARCS credentials / Access Granted.
    • OFF: Disables all PARCS credentials / Access Denied.
  • Access Level: Set the access level (profile) based on access levels set under Settings. Refer to PARCS (page 20) for more information.
  • Space #: Reserved Parking spot list (not currently available for FLASH locations).
  • Permit #: Credential option (only available for Parkonnect equipment).
  • PARCS Card: PARCS Card inventory listing. If loaded will list the prox card numbers available for assignment.
  • Passback:
  • ON: Allows passback.
  • OFF: Passback disabled (default).
  • Account Setting: Defaults to the Passback setting selected from the account Advanced tab.

Select  + Additional Fields to view more options

  • Barcode: Monthly valet customer card barcode.
  • Employee ID: Used for reporting purposed.
  • Late fee on kiosk: Monthly enforcement option. Must be configured in the integrated PARCS system.
  • Tag: AVI tag info.
  • Plate: License plate number.
  • Make: Vehicle make.
  • Model: Vehicle model.
  • State: Registered state.
  • Report Groups: A capacity reporting data point applied to an individual parker or the entire parking account (all linked parkers). 
  • Pool Name: A capacity reporting data point applied to an individual parker or the entire parking account (all linked parkers). Pools can also be managed at the account level in the Advanced tab.
  • Vehicle Key Barcode: Monthly Valet key tag barocde.
  • Vehicle Barcode: Monthly Valet window decal barcode.
  • Vehicle Key Hook: Monthly Valet assigned key hook number.

Remove Parkers

An individual parker can be removed from an account in two ways; deleting the parker or setting an end date. 

Delete Parker

A parker can be permanently deleted from the account by selecting the red trash can icon next to Parker's name. If a parker is deleted their account information will not be saved under the View Past Parker view option. 

To delete a parker from an account, follow the steps below.


1. Open the account details of the account you want to edit.


2. At the top, click Parking Info.

3. Location parker from the list, and select the trash icon. 

Set an End Date

A parker can also be removed from the active list by setting an end date on their profile. Selecting the current date will immediately remove them and disable their credentials or a future date can be selected if they paid up to the end of the month. 

Using the End Date option will save the parker's information and they can still be viewed by selecting the View Parker Parkers link on the right side. 

The parker can be restored by clicking the No End Date check box to undo the previously entered End date. 


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