Flash Valet: SMS and Call Notification Process

Modified on Fri, 15 Dec, 2023 at 4:37 PM

SMS and Call Notification Process

Flash Valet provides a feature that notifies customers when their vehicle is ready for pickup. This option is accessible for customers who initiate SMS vehicle requests. 

Active tab

Once the customer requests their vehicle and the valet accepts the ticket, it will be listed on the Active tab in the Flash Valet app. The instructions below cover the process and the available options. 


When payment is pending, the green "Pay" button will appear, tapping Pay initiates the payment process. 

After payment completion, the ticket will remain on the Active tab. This enables the valet attendant to mark the ticket as "Done" once the vehicle has been retrieved and returned to the customer.


The Done button prompts a menu with the following options:

  • Paid - Initiates payment process and auto-completes ticket once the transaction is processed.

  • Not Paid - Completes the ticket and will be marked as Unpaid in reporting. 

  • Contact Customer - This option is exclusively available for customers who initiated the vehicle request via SMS. Tapping "Contact Customer" will trigger an SMS notification informing the customer that the vehicle is ready for pickup by a specified time (5 minutes from the current time).

The ticket will be transferred to the Call tab for further notification options.


Tapping the "Park" button will effectively "repark" the ticket, transferring it back to the Issue tab. In the case where the parker requested the service via SMS, they will receive a notification informing them that the vehicle has been reparked.

  • If the ticket was already paid, the system will automatically refund the payment.
  • The "Park" option will reappear after tapping "Done" followed by "Contact Customer."

Call tab

The Call Tab displays all SMS request tickets that have been marked as "Done" with the "Contact Customer" option selected from the Active Tab. This signifies that the valet has fulfilled the retrieval request, and the vehicle is ready to be claimed by the customer. At this stage, all tickets on the Call Tab have received three text messages from the system.


If the customer has yet to arrive to collect their vehicle, the Call button can be used to trigger an automated call to notify them that their car is ready. Upon pressing the Call button, it will change color from yellow to red, indicating that a call has been placed to this customer.

  • The Call button can be tapped multiple times if needed to initiate subsequent calls.


Once the customer has arrived to claim their vehicle, scanning the claim ticket or manually tapping the Hide button will prompt the following options: 

  • Paid - Initiates payment process and auto-completes ticket 

  • Not Paid - Completes the ticket and will be marked as Not Paid in reporting.

  • Repark - Transfers ticket to Issued tab and customer will receive final SMS the vehicle has been reparked

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