Flash Valet: Ticketless Process

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The Ticketless Valet feature allows you to replace paper tickets with SMS texts. Reusable key tags are required to use this feature see the setup guide for more information.

The Ticketless module only works with US based phone numbers. 

Step 1. Issue the Ticket

1. Scan the key tag to initiate the process or tap the blue + icon at the top right corner of the app and then scan the key tag.

2. Enter the Mobile Number and scan the key tag if not already completed. Tap Go Ticketless.

3. Confirm Mobile number entry.

4. The Customer will receive an automatic SMS message that contains the ticket number and steps on how to request their vehicle.

5. Enter additional ticket details, then tap Done.

Step 2. Complete the Ticket

SMS Process

The customer's ticket moves to the New tab when the customer texts "CAR" to the text message received upon ticket issue. To accept the ticket and complete the ticket, follow the steps below.

1. Find the ticket on the New Tab and tap Accept.

*Selecting Reject will send the customer a reject SMS message and the ticket will move back to the Issued Tab.

2. Choose the expected number of minutes for a Retrieval quote. This will be sent in the confirmation SMS message to the customer.

Customer SMS Example

Customer Walk-Ups

If a customer walks up, use the Search option on the Issued screen to pull the ticket.

Since both the Ticket number and key tag number were provided to the customer via SMS. The ticket can be found using either number.

Non-Ticketless Options

In the instance, a customer does not want to provide their mobile number to the valet the reusable card or the regular paper valet ticket can be given to the customer.

Customer Reusable Card

1. Scan the reusable customer card QR code with the Flash Valet camera scanner.

Customer card example
2. Scan a reusable key tag by tapping on the blue camera icon. 

3. Enter ticket details and tap done to issue the ticket.

The customer can scan the QR code on their reusable card or text the key tag number from any phone. The system will move the customer's ticket to the New tab.

Step 1 and 2 can be completed in either order. The key tag could be scanned first and then then customer card QR code. 

If not using the reusable customer card, a regular paper valet ticket can be given to the customer instead.

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