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The Search and Send feature allows admin users to search for an open ticket and push the ticket to the designated lane for payment. This function decreases potential revenue loss and helps maintain a current occupancy count by not issuing Lost Tickets for each support inquiry. In the event a Lost Ticket is required, it now allows a dynamic entry date and time for accurate duration and payments. Plus, validation usage is compatible with the new dynamic lost ticket issuance.

Search for Entry and Send to Lane

1. On the Garage Status menu on the left, select the garage > Garage Log.

2. Find the “Filter By” section and choose a filter option from the dropdown.

  • Barcode
  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • CC Lat 4
  • License Plate

3. Enter credential criteria, then click Filter.

4. In the Pay At Garage section, click the red plus sign next to the ticket to show the filtered ticket details.

5. Click Send to Lane to push the amount owed (if applicable) to the terminal. The parker pays for the ticket and the ticket automatically completes after the gate vends, reducing the occupancy count.

Send a Lost Ticket

If the parker lost their ticket and the entry can’t be found in the garage records, you can send the calculated lost ticket fee or a fixed lost ticket fee to the lane.

Lost Ticket by Entry Date/Time

The Lost Ticket by entry is calculated by the provided entry date and time and the enabled rate table.

1. On the Garage Status menu on the left, select the garage > Garage Log.

2. In the Lost Ticket section in the middle of the screen, select By Entry Time.

3. Adjust the Date and Time fields to match the entry time and date.

4. In the Lane dropdown, select the lane that the customer is in.

5. To send the Lost Ticket amount to the selected lane, click Send Lost Ticket.

6. When prompted, click OK to confirm the action.

7. The success of the action is displayed in the top left corner of the screen.

  • If the action is successful, the message “Ticket issued Successfully” is displayed.
  • If the action is unsuccessful, the message “Failed to call parking head” is displayed.

8. The parker completes payment at the screen below. If the customer is eligible for validation they can scan their validation barcode here. Refer to the Apply Validations section below for more details.

Apply Validations

Tickets issued with the Lost Ticket By Entry Time option can accept validation barcodes at the terminal. The parker can scan the provided validation barcode to apply a discount to the calculated amount owed. Validations can’t be added to tickets issued with the Lost Ticket by Fixed Amount option.

Lost Ticket Fixed Amount

Use the Fixed Amount option to apply a flat non-calculated amount to a lost ticket. Validations can’t be applied to Lost Tickets created with this option.

1. On the Garage Status menu on the left, select the garage > Garage Log.

2. In the Lost Ticket section, select Fixed Amount.

3. Use the default Lost Ticket price, or enter a new amount in the Amount field.

4. Click Send Lost Ticket to send the lost ticket price to the terminal.

Configuration Requirements

1. On the Garage Status menu on the left, select the garage > Garage Settings.

2. Select the Barcodes tab > Add Barcode Range.

3. Check Lost Ticket Series and Active.

4. Enter Range Name.

5. Enter the Starting and Ending Range > Save.

Note: The Lost Ticket Range must begin with “LT”.

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