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SMS Surveys are sent to valet customers after their valet ticket has been completed. Surveys are only sent to the customers that utilize the SMS vehicle retrieval option. 

The survey is a customizable form in the Flash Admin portal that allows the operator to choose the automated questions and responses or a default template is available.

Contact support@flashvalet.com to enable the Survey feature. Once enabled Admin accounts can customize and manage the surveys.

How it Works

When a valet customer requests their vehicle via SMS, the survey linked to the location will be sent from the designated Survey Number within the set amount of minutes. Surveys are enabled per Ticket Type allowing the operator to choose any survey exclusion if needed. SMS surveys are not compatible with PARCS or any self-parking products.

There is a 30-day blackout period after a valet customer is sent a survey. This prevent the customer from receiving too many texts if a repeat user. 

Customize Survey

Surveys created at the Company Level will be available to all locations under the company. 

Select the Surveys tab on the left-side column. Select Add New to create a new survey or choose a listed survey to edit. 

Be sure to make the Survey name unique to the location if needing to differentiate between multiple locations under a Company. 

  • Question: The initial SMS message sent to the customer

  • Response: The SMS message sent if the customer responds to the survey.

  • Release Mobile Number Response: Response SMS message if Admin requests for the release of mobile number to contact the customer and customer approves. 

 Survey timing 

  • Completed Within: The amount of time the survey needs to be completed. If the customer does not complete the survey, results won't be recorded and the survey will be considered invalid.
  • Send After: The time the survey should arrive to the customer after exiting the facility. The customer will receive the text message five (5) minutes after the ticket is completed by the valet attendant.
  • Send Before: The time limit for sending the survey to the customer. This means the survey will be delivered to the customer at any point between the Send After and Send Before time range.

The survey must be linked to a specific location to be fully enabled. Contact support@flashparking.com to activate the survey module.

Mobile Number Request

If an operator would like to contact a valet customer based on their survey feedback, the capability is available in the Flash Admin portal. 

The initial confirmation question is hardcoded and not customizable, the response after the parker submits their answer can be edited in the Survey section (Release Mobile Number Response field).

  1. Select Surveys from the left menu > Survey Responses from the top menu. Survey responses can be filtered by Locations, Date, and Customer rating. 
  2. Select Request Number to send the customer an SMS requesting visibility to their mobile number.
  3. If the customer approves, the mobile number will be sent via email to the logged-in Admin account that requested the contact info. 


  • All SMS surveys are sent automatically the first time a phone number is captured.
  • Monthly parkers can only receive the survey once they request their vehicle through SMS. As soon as the ticket is pulled and they leave the premises, the countdown for the survey starts depending on the time customized in the portal for the survey to be sent.
  • Any Question or Response in the survey at the company level will be changed for all locations with the same survey assigned.

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