Scan To Pay (STP)

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Scan To Pay offers drive-up customers a quick parking purchase experience. Parkers interact with a sign by scanning a QR code or tapping a NFC tag.  They are then routed to an instant checkout to quickly purchase and view their parking pass.

STP User Flow

The driver enters and parks in an open space, scans the App Clip or QR code on the sign, selects a designated parking duration and rate, and then pays to secure the session. The license plate is collected for enforcement. The payment is reconciled upfront upon checkout completion.

The STP signs may be posted on poles, fences, bollards, wind signs, or elsewhere depending on the lot layout. 

The parker scans the QR
Select the parking duration and rate
Select payment
Receive the pass

Benefits & Features

With Scan To Pay, parking owners can digitally transform their assets to accept mobile payments instantly with no changes to their existing pay station.


  • Modern touchless experience 

  • Insight into customer’s behaviors and the ability to market directly to their needs.

  • Reduced reliance on cash for the operation

  • All customers can pay with their phone - whether they have an app or not


  • Available for various types of locations

  • Preferred partnerships with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

  • Easy-to-update dynamic pricing (Digital Solutions Support can set the pricing and the operator can update it later through Parkwhiz Admin).

  • Very low-cost transactions.

Scan To Pay FAQs

Q: I am not with Parkwhiz yet. How do I list my parking spot for Scan To Pay?

A: Go to and fill up the form at the bottom of the page to provide details about your location. Someone from our Sales team will reach out to you and discuss the best ways that Parkwhiz can help you.

Q: I have an existing Parkwhiz location. How can I list it for Scan To Pay?

A: Reach out to Digital Solutions Support

Q: How can I add a new location for Scan To Pay?

A: Reach out to Digital Solutions Support

Q: I received my STP signs. How can I activate it?

A: Provide the STP sign number to Digital Solutions Support who will activate the sign for you. The sign number is located at the bottom right of the sign.

Q: How can I add or update my Scan To Pay (STP) rates?

A: See On Demand Transient Pricing and/or On Demand Event Pricing for the steps.

Q: I added the STP rates but the STP signs are not working. 

A: Check that your STP rates are on un-paused status and no blackout dates; else, reach out to Digital Solutions Support and provide the STP sign number who will investigate and fix for you.

Q: My STP signs are showing incorrect rates.

A: Check that your STP rates are accurate. See On Demand Transient Pricing or On Demand Event Pricing for the steps.

Q: I don’t want my STP signs to work for specific dates or times.

A: Add blackout dates to your STP rates. See Blackout Dates for steps.

Q: The STP sign shows incorrect hours.

A: Provide your location’s updated hours to Digital Solutions Support who will update the STP paid hours for you.

Q: What happens when a customer scans during closed hours?

A: Customers will see the prompt for the paid parking hours.

Clicking the “View Paid Hours” will show the location’s hours of operations. 

Q: Do customers receive parking passes for Scan To Pay (STP)?

A: Yes. After completing the STP transaction, customers will be routed to a page to view their STP booking.

Customers receive a booking notification email as well with a link to view their pass. 

Q: How are STP passes validated at the location?

A: Through the license plate.

Q: Can STP customers change or update their license plate?

A: Yes. Customers will only have 10 minutes since the booking was made to change or update their license plate. The STP booking confirmation will show the allowed time to change their license plate.

Q: How can I view STP transactions?

A: For active parking sessions, go to “Tickets” tab of Parkwhiz Admin and look for the license plate. You can view the On Demand Ticket ID associated with the license plate.

For past parking sessions, go to “Bookings” tab of Parkwhiz Admin and look for the license plate. You can view the Booking ID associated with the license plate. 

Q: Can I validate STP transactions using the Parkwhiz Mobile Attendant App?

A: Yes. You can check in or validate plates via the Parkwhiz Mobile Attendant App.

The Parkwhiz Mobile Attendant App will show the total number of active parking at your location. 

You will see the option to “Check in” or “Validate Plates”

Clicking “Check In” will let you see the parking information (Parking/Booking ID, Customer’s Name and the license plate number).
Clicking “Validate Plates” will let you see active parking session’s license plate number and booking start and end times.

Q: Can STP customers extend their parking?

A: Yes. If the customer has the Parkwhiz App, there is a notification on the app showing that the parking is about to end and the option to Extend the booking. However, this is dependent on the user's device settings if the customer approves/enables the app to send notifications. If the user didn't approve, they'll see the "turn on notification button" on the app.

Q: How can I view the revenue for STP transactions?

A: On Parkwhiz Admin, go to the “Balance” tab. This is a running ledger from the beginning of time. Use the download button for an Excel version of the revenue report. STP transactions appear as On Demand booking type.

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