Flash Valet: Vehicle Damage

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Vehicle Damage

Also known as Vehicle Photos

The Flash Valet app enables valet attendants to document vehicle damage by adding photos directly to the ticket. Photos can be added either during the ticket issuance process or after it has been issued. They are accompanied by the date and timestamp, and stored in the Admin Portal for future reference. This feature gives parking operators the needed documentation to handle any vehicle damage claims possibly made by customers. 


  • Wifi connection to upload photos to the Admin Portal.

How it Works

If Valets are using a data-only connection, it is recommended to upload at least once a week using a stable wifi connection.

Valet attendants identify any possible pre-existing damage done to the vehicle at the moment the customer arrives. When issuing the ticket the valet has the option to take a picture and store it in the ticket.  

These steps detail the entire process:

Vehicle Damage Photos

  1. While issuing a Valet ticket, or editing the ticket, scroll down and tap the Photos option.

  1. Tap the Take Photo button to activate the built-in camera. Multiple vehicle photos can be captured.

  1. Once photos are complete, tap the back icon in the top left corner to go back to the ticket details screen. All photos will be shown in the Photos section for any reference.

Vehicle Damage Diagram

Alternatively, Valets can also use the Vehicle Damage diagram, which shows a diagram for a generic vehicle and valets can markup to designate any damage location on the vehicle.

The captured photos and marked-up diagrams are visible under the Photos section of the current ticket. Users can go to the Control tab and under the Reports option, select History or Search to view photos of completed tickets.

How to download photos from the admin portal

Only Administrator and Operations accounts can access the Ticket Search tab and search for vehicle photos.

  1. Log in to the Flash Admin portal at portal.flashvalet.com > select the Ticket Search tab on the left menu.

  2. Select the Location from the drop-down menu and using the ticket number, date, or any other detail available for the ticket in the options below > Search.

3. If looking for a Monthly Valet ticket, search can be made with the date,  first or last names, vehicle make or model.

4. An image icon below the camera column shows an available photo for the ticket, select the ticket to access its details.

5. Scroll to the bottom to see the Ticket Activity section, select the photo icon to enlarge, and right-click the image to Save.

Keys to Success

  • A stable wifi connection is necessary for uploading photos since a data connection prevents photos from being uploaded to the portal. The ticket will appear as completed, but the photos will only show after being connected to wifi.

Related Reports

  • Garage Status (XML) report shows a column for vehicle photos (Y/N)

    • Only the XML version of this report provides the Photo column.


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