Flash Valet: High Volume Mode

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Flash Valet: High Volume Mode

High Volume Mode offers Parking Operators an efficient solution to manage customer vehicle retrieval requests during peak times. It allows for customizable rejection messages and automatic rejection of SMS requests after a specified period.

Contact support@flashvalet.com to enable High Volume Mode for the Flash location. Once activated the mode can be toggled OFF/ON in the Flash Valet app. 

The default High Volume Mode message sent out to customers is: "Unfortunately, no valets are available to retrieve your vehicle at this time. Please try again in 10 minutes or present your ticket to the valet stand". This message is customizable.



Dedicated number

  • The location must have a Dedicated Number assigned to it.

Dedicated number in the Location Details tab

The dedicated number is required as it allows the Flash system to send and receive SMS requests and responses to customers. Without a Dedicated Number, Flash Valet would not have a way to communicate with customers via SMS.

High Volume Mode flag

  • The Allow High Volume flag must be checked off at the location level in the Portal.

Allow High Volume Mode - Location Details tab

Assigning a Dedicated Number to a location will allow it to access multiple SMS-related features, the High Volume Mode feature can be allowed or disabled by changing the Allow High Volume Mode settings in the Details tab in the Portal.

How to Turn High Volume Mode On

When High Volume Mode is activated on one iOS device at a valet location, it becomes enabled for the entire location. Other devices will display a banner indicating that High Volume Mode is active. This ensures consistent communication with the valet attendants during peak periods.

  1. Once Allow High Volume Mode is enabled in the portal, the High Volume Mode setting will become available in the Flash Valet app.

  2. Go to the Control tab and tap on the High Volume Mode setting. This setting will only show if the portal flag for Allow High Volume Mode is checked off.

  3. Once you select that option, the app will display the High Volume menu where you will see an On/Off switch and a change mode button.

  1. Tap on the switch and press Change Mode. If you only tap on the switch but do not press the Change Mode button, the High Volume Mode will not be turned on or off.

When modes are successfully changed, the app will take you back to the Control menu and show a red banner specifying if the HV Mode has been enabled or disabled.


  1. In the Flash Valet app, go to Control

  2. Select High Volume Mode

  3. Tap on the On/Off switch

  4. Press Change Mode

  5. Done

High Volume Mode Settings

Portal users can set how long the system will take to automatically reject a customer's vehicle request and send back the SMS response. The HV Mode settings are at the Ticket Type level, which means that if the location has multiple ticket types (Transient, Overnight, Monthly) the HV Mode is configured individually by parker type.

Under each Ticket Type, additional High Volume settings are located at the bottom of the page. 

The HV Reject Time setting enables parking operators to set a time limit, in minutes, for automatically rejecting vehicle requests during High Volume Mode. For example, if "20" is entered, Flash Valet will automatically reject a vehicle request 20 minutes after the customer initiates the request. 

Set at “0” to automatically reject an SMS request during HV Mode. 

The HV Reject Message setting allows parking operators to customize the SMS message sent to customers when their vehicle request is automatically rejected due to High Volume Mode. Operators can use this field to inform parkers about various circumstances, such as busy valet conditions or impending closing times. The message is editable and limited to 250 characters, providing operators with flexibility in communication.

Note: Turning High Volume on will affect all customers, so if the operation has different types of customers you can assign a different Reject Time and Reject Message to Transients, Overnights, Monthlies, etc.

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